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page.title=Building Your Project
<p>One of the NDK's core purposes is allowing you to build C and C++ source code into shared
libraries that you can use in your app.</p>
<p>This section explains how to build native binaries for use in your Android app. It begins by
explaining the
<a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/android_mk.html">{@code}</a> file, which
defines properties specific to individual <i>modules</i>, or libraries. Then, it explains the
<a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/application_mk.html">{@code}</a> file, which defines
properties for all the modules that you use in your
app. Next, it tells you how to use the <a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/ndk-build.html">
{@code ndk-build}</a> script, which is what the NDK uses to build your sources. Last, it ventures
into advanced territory, discussing how to incorporate the NDK into your own
<a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/standalone_toolchain.html">toolchain</a>, if you prefer to
build that way instead of using
<a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/ndk-build.html">{@code ndk-build}</a>.</p>