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// Copyright 2011 The Android Open Source Project
#include <utils/Vector.h>
#include <utils/String8.h>
#include <utility>
#include "DirectoryWalker.h"
using namespace android;
using std::pair;
// String8 Directory Walker
// This is an implementation of the Directory Walker abstraction that is built
// for testing.
// Instead of system calls it queries a private data structure for the directory
// entries. It takes a path and a map of filenames and their modification times.
// functions are inlined since they are short and simple
class StringDirectoryWalker : public DirectoryWalker {
StringDirectoryWalker(String8& path, Vector< pair<String8,time_t> >& data)
: mPos(0), mBasePath(path), mData(data) {
//fprintf(stdout,"StringDW built to mimic %s with %d files\n",
// mBasePath.string());
// Default copy constructor, and destructor are fine
virtual bool openDir(String8 path) {
// If the user is trying to query the "directory" that this
// walker was initialized with, then return success. Else fail.
return path == mBasePath;
virtual bool openDir(const char* path) {
String8 p(path);
return true;
// Advance to next entry in the Vector
virtual struct dirent* nextEntry() {
// Advance position and check to see if we're done
if (mPos >= mData.size())
return NULL;
// Place data in the entry descriptor. This class only returns files.
mEntry.d_type = DT_REG;
mEntry.d_ino = mPos;
// Copy chars from the string name to the entry name
size_t i = 0;
for (i; i < mData[mPos].first.size(); ++i)
mEntry.d_name[i] = mData[mPos].first[i];
mEntry.d_name[i] = '\0';
// Place data in stats
mStats.st_ino = mPos;
mStats.st_mtime = mData[mPos].second;
// Get ready to move to the next entry
return &mEntry;
// Get the stats for the current entry
virtual struct stat* entryStats() {
return &mStats;
// Nothing to do in clean up
virtual void closeDir() {
// Nothing to do
virtual DirectoryWalker* clone() {
return new StringDirectoryWalker(*this);
// Current position in the Vector
size_t mPos;
// Base path
String8 mBasePath;
// Data to simulate a directory full of files.
Vector< pair<String8,time_t> > mData;