Fix incorrect android.telecom.Call.Details equality check.

The the android.telecom.Call.Details class provides its own equals
implementation.  Recently added in M is to also check if the mExtras
and mIntentExtras are different.  Unfortunately, Bundles do not implement
equals.  As a result when Telecom calls are parceled and sent to the
InCallServices, this means that the internalUpdate method will always
assume that the Details of a call have changed, even if they have not.
This was causing a LOT of extra calls to onUpdate in the InCall UI (2x the
amount).  Although there is still room for improvement in the number of
callbacks from Telecom, this fix prevents a pretty significant regression
on that front.

Bug: 23218195
Change-Id: I128e996faf60376ed3df1dc848a97c4a7b0482ee
1 file changed