Doc: Minor fixes following launch of Performance section on DAC.

Fixes the metaDescription, which had contained dummy text. Change pushed ahead as hotfix.
Also fixes a couple of image URLs, which hadn't reflected the move to under topic/

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--- a/docs/html/topic/performance/index.jd
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-page.metaDescription=Android Performance does nice things. Details to come.
+page.metaDescription=Improve your app's performance by learning how to optimize power consumption, launch times, and other important areas of performance.
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-  <img src="{@docRoot}performance/images/cold-launch.png">
+  <img src="{@docRoot}topic/performance/images/cold-launch.png">
   <p class="img-caption">
     <strong>Figure 1.</strong> A visual representation of the important parts of
     a cold application launch.
@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@
-  <img src="{@docRoot}performance/images/displayed-logcat.png">
+  <img src="{@docRoot}topic/performance/images/displayed-logcat.png">
   <p class="img-caption">
     <strong>Figure 2.</strong> Disabling filters, and
     finding the {@code Displayed} value in logcat.