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 page.title=Ensuring Compatibility with Managed Profiles
+page.metaDescription=Learn how to make sure your apps operate smoothly in a corporate environment by following some best practices.
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-page.title=Developing for Enterprise
-next.title=Enhancing Security with Device Management Policies
+page.title=Building Apps for Work
+meta.tags="work, enterprise, corporate"
+page.tags="work", "enterprise", "corporate"
+page.metaDescription=Learn how to build Android apps for the enterprise and take advantage of Google's Android for Work program.
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+  alt="Android for Work apps in a managed profile">
-<!-- Required platform, tools, add-ons, devices, knowledge, etc. -->
-<h2>Dependencies and prerequisites</h2>
-  <li>Android 2.2 (API Level 8) or higher</li>
+  The Android framework provides features to support the security, data separation, and
+  administration needs of a enterprise environment. As an app developer, you can make your app more
+  appealing to corporate customers by gracefully handling enterprise security and feature
+  restrictions. You can also modify your app so that technology administrators can remotely
+  configure it for use with enterprise resources.
-<!-- related docs (NOT javadocs) -->
-<h2>You should also read</h2>
-  <li><a href="{@docRoot}guide/topics/admin/device-admin.html">Device Administration</a></li>
+  To help businesses incorporate Android devices and apps into the workplace, Google provides the
+  <a href="">Android for Work</a> program, which offers a suite
+  of APIs and services for device distribution and administration. Through this program companies
+  can connect with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers to help integrate Android with
+  their businesses.
-<h2>Try it out</h2>
+  For more information, follow the links below to learn how to update your Android app to support
+  the enterprise environment or build enterprise-specific solutions.
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- <a href=""
-class="button">Download the sample</a>
- <p class="filename"></p>
+<h2 id="apps">App Development for Enterprises</h2>
+  Learn how to make your app function smoothly in corporate environments that restrict device
+  features and data access. Go further to support enterprise use of your app by enabling
+  restrictions that corporate technology administrators can use to remotely configure your app:
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+    data-query="collection:training/work/apps"
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+  </div>
-<p>In this class, you'll learn APIs and techniques you can use when developing applications
-for the enterprise.</p>
+<h2 id="admin">Device and App Administration</h2>
+  Learn how to build policy controller apps that enable enterprise technology administrators
+  to manage devices, manage corporate apps, and provide access to company resources:
-  <dt><b><a href="device-management-policy.html">Enhancing Security with Device Management
-    <dd>In this lesson, you will learn how to create a security-aware application that manages
-access to its content by enforcing device management policies</dd>
-  <dt><b><a href="app-compatibility.html">Ensuring Compatibility with Managed Profiles</a></b></dt>
-    <dd>In this lesson, you will learn the best practices to follow to ensure
-      that your app functions properly on devices that use <a
-      href="{@docRoot}about/versions/android-5.0.html#Enterprise">managed
-      profiles</a></dd>
+<div class="dynamic-grid">
+  <div class="resource-widget resource-flow-layout landing col-12"
+    data-query="collection:training/work/admin"
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