Force invalidates on non-visible views. DO NOT MERGE

An optimization prunes invalidates on views which are not inside their
parent's bounds. This works in most cases, but it is possible to run
a situation where a view has been invalidated (and is thus waiting to
be redrawn), but the pruning logic ensures that that draw call
will not happen. Further, when/if the view comes into the bounds
of its parent again, it may still not be redrawn, because now future
invalidates on the view are noop'd because it is already in an invalidated
state (and thus will not propagate invalidates up the hierarchy).

The fix is to remove the optitmization. This will cause some overhead
sending the invalidation request up to the view root, but this
overhead is minimal (and only extra for cases of out-of-bounds views),
and the more expensive part of rendering these views will still not be done
since the view root will avoid re-drawing the hierarchy when the dirty
rectangle is empty.

Issue #6813661 offscreen views don't get invalidated properly (may remain invisible when returning onscreen)

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