Fix issue #11223338: Not retaining service started state while restarting

When I cleaned up how we maintained the lifecycle of the tracker with a
service, I broke most tracking of the service restart state.  (Since at
that point the service is no longer associated with a process, so I
must clean up the tracker state).  This change introduces a new special
case for interacting with a service tracker to explicitly tell it when
a service is being restarted.  It also fixes how we update the process
state when services are attached to it, so it goes in and out of the
restarting state correctly.

In addition:

- Maybe fix issue #11224000 (APR: Dependent processes not getting added
  to LRU list).  We were not clearing when bringing
  down a service, so if for some reason there were still connections to
  it at that point (which could happen for example for non-create bindings),
  then we would so it when updating the LRU state of that client process.
- dumpsys procstats's package argument can now be a package or process
  name, and we will dump all relevent information we can find about that
- Generally improved the quality of the dumpsys procstats output with its
  various options.
- Fixed a bug in ActivityManager.dumpPackageState() where it would hang if
  the service was dumping too much, added meminfo to the set of things
  dumped, and tweaked command line options to include more data.
- Added some more cleaning code to ActiveServices.killServices() to make
  sure we clean out any restarting ServiceRecord entries when a process is
  being force stopped.
- Re-arranged ActiveServices.killServices() to do the main killing of the
  service first, to avoid some wtf() calls that could happen when removing

Bug: 11223338
Bug: 11224000

Change-Id: I5db28561c2c78aa43561e52256ff92c02311c56f
7 files changed