Do not always call setIsConnectedToProvisioningNetwork(false)

Previously I was calling setIsConnectedToProvisioningNetwork(false) always,
but all MDST's receive every broadcast. Thus we could over write an MDST's
mNetworkInfo.mIsConnectedToProvisioningNetwork to false, unless the MDST
that was set to true was last, i.e the code was order dependent.

If the provisioning networks value was false instead of true
when handleMobileProvisioningAction was called we wouldn't invoke
mdst.enableMobileProvisioning because network info would be null.

Thus the provisioning network would never transition to CONNECTED and
a default route wouldn't get setup and the browser couldn't access the

Now setIsConnectedToProvisioningNetwork is only set to false when the
apnType matches and we won't indiscriminately change it and are not
order dependent.

Bug: 10853805
Change-Id: I68a4f9bdf5dc18d90f4cdef7a60811f57be67261
1 file changed