Fix Notification redaction when power cycling a non-dozing device while occluded.

This issue was originally raised in the S timeline, but had already been fixed by the refactor to use UnlockedScreenOffAnimationController, which called updateIsKeyguard(/*force*/ true) from onFinishedWakingUp().  This solved the problem of re-triggering the redaction, but it also intriduced a new bug where the keyguard could end up briefly showing on top of the occluding activity when AOD was supported but off.  As a result, they limited the call to when the AOD was on (and animations were controlling, etc).  This CL uses the opposite check to make sure we recalcualte redaction (and only redaction, not the whole keyguard) when waking up while occluded.

We also needed to make sure that we rerun the notification pipeline when updating public information so that any necessary public views are sure to inflate.  That rerun has been limited in scope to conditions where the public mode information has detectably changed.

Bug: 237349699
Bug: 238990302
Bug: 239828798
Test: CTS Verifier NotificationPrivacyTest on emulator, AOD off, AOD on
Change-Id: I95443ee6b77377aceb54b983d34131628027da9b
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