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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
* Copyright (c) 2006, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
<!-- Margin at the edge of the screen to ignore touch events for in the windowshade. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_edge_ignore">5dp</dimen>
<!-- Recent Applications parameters -->
<!-- Upper width limit for application icon -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_icon_max_width">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Upper height limit for application icon -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_icon_max_height">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Size of application thumbnail -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_thumbnail_width">164dp</dimen>
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_thumbnail_height">145dp</dimen>
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_thumbnail_bg_padding">4dp</dimen>
<!-- Size of application label text -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_label_text_size">14dip</dimen>
<!-- Size of application description text -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_description_text_size">14dip</dimen>
<!-- Size of fading edge for text -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_text_fading_edge_length">20dip</dimen>
<!-- Size of fading edge for scrolling -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_scroll_fading_edge_length">10dip</dimen>
<!-- Margin between recents container and glow on the right -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_right_glow_margin">100dip</dimen>
<!-- How far the thumbnail for a recent app appears from left edge -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_thumbnail_left_margin">20dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding for text descriptions -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_text_description_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Width of application label text -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_label_width">88dip</dimen>
<!-- Left margin of application label text -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_label_left_margin">0dip</dimen>
<!-- Padding between recents items -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_item_padding">0dip</dimen>
<!-- When recents first appears, how far the icon and label of the primary activity
travel -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_icon_translate_distance">35dip</dimen>
<!-- Where to place the app icon over the thumbnail -->
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_icon_left_margin">0dp</dimen>
<dimen name="status_bar_recents_app_icon_top_margin">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Amount to offset bottom of notification peek window from top of status bar. -->
<dimen name="peek_window_y_offset">-12dp</dimen>
<!-- thickness (height) of the navigation bar on phones that require it -->
<dimen name="navigation_bar_size">@*android:dimen/navigation_bar_height</dimen>
<!-- thickness (height) of the dead zone at the top of the navigation bar,
reducing false presses on navbar buttons; approx 2mm -->
<dimen name="navigation_bar_deadzone_size">12dp</dimen>
<!-- size of the dead zone when touches have recently occurred elsewhere on screen -->
<dimen name="navigation_bar_deadzone_size_max">32dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of notification icons in the status bar -->
<dimen name="status_bar_icon_size">@*android:dimen/status_bar_icon_size</dimen>
<!-- Height of a small notification in the status bar -->
<dimen name="notification_min_height">64dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a large notification in the status bar -->
<dimen name="notification_max_height">256dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a medium notification in the status bar -->
<dimen name="notification_mid_height">128dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a the summary ("more card") notification on keyguard. -->
<dimen name="notification_summary_height">44dp</dimen>
<!-- size at which Notification icons will be drawn in the status bar -->
<dimen name="status_bar_icon_drawing_size">18dip</dimen>
<!-- opacity at which Notification icons will be drawn in the status bar -->
<item type="dimen" name="status_bar_icon_drawing_alpha">75%</item>
<!-- gap on either side of status bar notification icons -->
<dimen name="status_bar_icon_padding">0dp</dimen>
<!-- half the distance between notifications in the panel -->
<dimen name="notification_divider_height">2dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding on the global screenshot background image -->
<dimen name="global_screenshot_bg_padding">20dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the view containing non-menu status bar icons -->
<dimen name="navigation_key_width">80dip</dimen>
<!-- The width of the view containing the menu/ime navigation bar icons -->
<dimen name="navigation_extra_key_width">40dip</dimen>
<!-- Default distance beyond which snaps to the matching target -->
<dimen name="navbar_search_snap_margin">40dip</dimen>
<!-- Diameter of outer shape drawable shown in navbar search-->
<dimen name="navbar_search_outerring_diameter">340dp</dimen>
<!-- Diameter of outer shape drawable shown in navbar search. Should be 1/2 of above value -->
<dimen name="navbar_search_outerring_radius">170dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of search panel including navigation bar height -->
<dimen name="navbar_search_panel_height">230dip</dimen>
<!-- Height of the draggable handle at the bottom of the phone notification panel -->
<dimen name="close_handle_height">36dp</dimen>
<!-- Amount of close_handle that will NOT overlap the notification list -->
<dimen name="close_handle_underlap">32dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of the status bar header bar -->
<dimen name="status_bar_header_height">60dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of the status bar header bar when expanded -->
<dimen name="status_bar_header_height_expanded">116dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of the status bar header bar when on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="status_bar_header_height_keyguard">40dp</dimen>
<!-- Width for the notification panel and related windows -->
<dimen name="match_parent">-1px</dimen>
<dimen name="standard_notification_panel_width">416dp</dimen><!-- includes notification_side_padding on each side -->
<dimen name="notification_panel_width">@dimen/match_parent</dimen>
<!-- Gravity for the notification panel -->
<integer name="standard_notification_panel_layout_gravity">0x31</integer><!-- top|center_horizontal -->
<integer name="notification_panel_layout_gravity">0x37</integer><!-- fill_horizontal|top -->
<!-- Height of the carrier/wifi name label -->
<dimen name="carrier_label_height">24dp</dimen>
<!-- The distance you can pull a notification before it pops open -->
<dimen name="one_finger_pop_limit">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Minimum fraction of the screen that should be taken up by the notification panel.
Not used at this screen size. -->
<item type="dimen" name="notification_panel_min_height_frac">0%</item>
<dimen name="blinds_pop_threshold">0dp</dimen>
<!-- The size of the gesture span needed to activate the "pull" notification expansion -->
<dimen name="pull_span_min">25dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_height">88dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_icon_size">28dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_text_size">12sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_divider_height">1dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_panel_padding">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_dual_tile_height">112dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_dual_tile_padding_vertical">8dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_dual_tile_padding_horizontal">6dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_top">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_top_large_text">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_below_icon">12dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_bottom">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_spacing">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_panel_padding_bottom">8dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_height">48dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_height_twoline">72dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_brightness_padding_top">6dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_header_text_size">20sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_button_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_primary_text_size">16sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_secondary_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_empty_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_data_usage_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_data_usage_usage_text_size">36sp</dimen>
<dimen name="segmented_button_spacing">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="segmented_button_radius">2dp</dimen>
<!-- How far the expanded QS panel peeks from the header in collapsed state. -->
<dimen name="qs_peek_height">8dp</dimen>
<dimen name="zen_mode_condition_detail_button_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- used by DessertCase -->
<dimen name="dessert_case_cell_size">192dp</dimen>
<!-- Default glow radius for GlowPadView -->
<dimen name="glowpadview_glow_radius">75dip</dimen>
<!-- Default distance from each snap target that GlowPadView considers a "hit" -->
<dimen name="glowpadview_inner_radius">15dip</dimen>
<!-- The size of the application icon in the recents task view. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_application_icon_size">48dp</dimen>
<!-- The size of the activity icon in the recents task view. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_activity_icon_size">60dp</dimen>
<!-- The radius of the rounded corners on a task view. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_rounded_corners_radius">2dp</dimen>
<!-- The min translation in the Z index for the last task. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_z_min">25dp</dimen>
<!-- The max translation in the Z index for the last task. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_z_max">100dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount to translate when animating the removal of a task. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_remove_anim_translation_x">100dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount of highlight to make on each task view. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_highlight">1.5dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the lock-to-app button. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_lock_to_app_button_height">48dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount to offset when animating into an affiliate group. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_affiliate_group_enter_offset">64dp</dimen>
<!-- The alpha to apply to a task thumbnail. -->
<item name="recents_task_view_thumbnail_alpha" format="float" type="dimen">0.9</item>
<!-- The height of a task view bar. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_bar_height">56dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the search bar space. -->
<dimen name="recents_search_bar_space_height">64dp</dimen>
<!-- The side padding for the task stack as a percentage of the width. -->
<item name="recents_stack_width_padding_percentage" format="float" type="dimen">0.04444</item>
<!-- The top offset for the task stack. -->
<dimen name="recents_stack_top_padding">16dp</dimen>
<!-- Used to calculate the translation animation duration, the expected amount of movement
in dps over one second of time. -->
<dimen name="recents_animation_movement_in_dps_per_second">800dp</dimen>
<!-- The min alpha to apply to a task affiliation group color. -->
<item name="recents_task_affiliation_color_min_alpha_percentage" format="float" type="dimen">0.6</item>
<!-- Space reserved for the cards behind the top card in the top stack -->
<dimen name="top_stack_peek_amount">12dp</dimen>
<!-- Space reserved for the cards behind the top card in the bottom stack -->
<dimen name="bottom_stack_peek_amount">12dp</dimen>
<!-- bottom_stack_peek_amount + notification_min_height
+ notification_collapse_second_card_padding -->
<dimen name="min_stack_height">84dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the area before the bottom stack in which the notifications slow down -->
<dimen name="bottom_stack_slow_down_length">12dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the area before the top stack in which the notifications slow down -->
<dimen name="top_stack_slow_down_length">12dp</dimen>
<!-- The side padding of the notifications-->
<dimen name="notification_side_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Z distance between notifications if they are in the stack -->
<dimen name="z_distance_between_notifications">1dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding between the individual notification cards when dimmed. -->
<dimen name="notification_padding_dimmed">0dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding between the individual notification cards. -->
<dimen name="notification_padding">4dp</dimen>
<!-- The minimum amount of top overscroll to go to the quick settings. -->
<dimen name="min_top_overscroll_to_qs">36dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding to the second card when the notifications collapse. -->
<dimen name="notification_collapse_second_card_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the speed bump view. -->
<dimen name="speed_bump_height">16dp</dimen>
<!-- Lockscreen affordance drag distance for camera and phone. -->
<dimen name="affordance_drag_distance">100dp</dimen>
<dimen name="notifications_top_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Minimum distance the user has to drag down to go to the full shade. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_drag_down_min_distance">100dp</dimen>
<!-- The fraction of the screen height where the clock on the Keyguard has its center. The
max value is used when no notifications are displaying, and the min value is when the
highest possible number of notifications are showing. -->
<fraction name="keyguard_clock_y_fraction_max">32.5%</fraction>
<fraction name="keyguard_clock_y_fraction_min">19.8%</fraction>
<!-- The margin between the clock and the notifications on Keyguard. See
keyguard_clock_height_fraction_* for the difference between min and max.-->
<dimen name="keyguard_clock_notifications_margin_min">24dp</dimen>
<dimen name="keyguard_clock_notifications_margin_max">36dp</dimen>
<dimen name="heads_up_window_height">250dp</dimen>
<!-- The minimum amount the user needs to swipe to go to the camera / phone. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_min_swipe_amount">75dp</dimen>
<!-- The minimum background radius when swiping to a side for the camera / phone affordances. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_min_background_radius">30dp</dimen>
<!-- The grow amount for the camera and phone circles when hinting -->
<dimen name="hint_grow_amount_sideways">60dp</dimen>
<!-- The chevron padding to the circle when hinting -->
<dimen name="hint_chevron_circle_padding">16dp</dimen>
<!-- Volume panel dialog y offset -->
<dimen name="volume_panel_top">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Volume panel dialog width -->
<dimen name="volume_panel_width">344dp</dimen>
<!-- Volume panel z depth -->
<dimen name="volume_panel_z">3dp</dimen>
<!-- Distance between notifications and header when they are considered to be colliding. -->
<dimen name="header_notifications_collide_distance">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Distance the user needs to drag vertically such that a swipe is accepted to unlock the
device. -->
<dimen name="unlock_move_distance">75dp</dimen>
<!-- Distance after which the scrim starts fading in when dragging down the quick settings -->
<dimen name="notification_scrim_wait_distance">100dp</dimen>
<!-- Move distance for the unlock hint animation on the lockscreen -->
<dimen name="hint_move_distance">75dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the region on the left/right edge of the screen for performing the camera/
phone hints. -->
<dimen name="edge_tap_area_width">48dp</dimen>
<!-- radius of the corners of the material rounded rect background -->
<dimen name="notification_material_rounded_rect_radius">2dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for multi user switch in expanded quick settings -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_expanded_margin">8dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for multi user switch in collapsed quick settings -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_collapsed_margin">13dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for multi user switch in collapsed quick settings -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_keyguard_margin">3dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for system icons if multi user switch is hidden -->
<dimen name="system_icons_switcher_hidden_expanded_margin">16dp</dimen>
<!-- The thickness of the colored border around the current user. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_user_switcher_border_thickness">2dp</dimen>
<dimen name="data_usage_graph_marker_width">4dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding bottom of the clock group when QS is expanded. -->
<dimen name="clock_expanded_bottom_margin">20dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding bottom of the clock group when QS is collapsed. -->
<dimen name="clock_collapsed_bottom_margin">10dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding bottom of the clock group when QS is collapsed for large text -->
<dimen name="clock_collapsed_bottom_margin_large_text">6dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the multi user switch on keyguard and collapsed QS header. -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_width_collapsed">34dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the multi user switch in expanded QS header. -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_width_expanded">48dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of user avatar when on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_width_keyguard">34dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of user avatar when collapsed -->
<dimen name="multi_user_avatar_collapsed_size">22dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of user avatar when on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="multi_user_avatar_keyguard_size">22dp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the time when collapsed in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_time_collapsed_size">14sp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the time when expanded in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_time_expanded_size">20sp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the "emergency calls only" label in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_emergency_calls_only_text_size">12sp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the date in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_date_collapsed_size">14sp</dimen>
<!-- Battery level padding end when in expanded QS (but not on Keyguard) -->
<dimen name="battery_level_padding_end">4dp</dimen>
<!-- The top padding of the clear all button -->
<dimen name="clear_all_padding_top">12dp</dimen>
<!-- Largest size an avatar might need to be drawn in the user picker, status bar, or
quick settings header -->
<dimen name="max_avatar_size">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the left side of the carrier text on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="keyguard_carrier_text_margin">16dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the left side of the battery % in the header. -->
<dimen name="header_battery_margin_expanded">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the left side of the battery % when on Keyguard. -->
<dimen name="header_battery_margin_keyguard">6dp</dimen>
<!-- Additional translation (downwards) for appearing notifications when going to the full shade
from Keyguard. -->
<dimen name="go_to_full_shade_appearing_translation">200dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the search panel card. -->
<dimen name="search_panel_card_height">300dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the scrim behind the search panel card. -->
<dimen name="search_panel_scrim_height">250dp</dimen>
<!-- How much from the bottom of the screen the card should peek in when activating the search
panel -->
<dimen name="search_card_peek_height">100dp</dimen>
<!-- How far the user needs to drag up to invoke search. -->
<dimen name="search_panel_threshold">100dp</dimen>
<!-- The width/height of the phone/camera/unlock icon on keyguard. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_height">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_width">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="keyguard_indication_margin_bottom">65dp</dimen>
<!-- The text size for battery level -->
<dimen name="battery_level_text_size">12sp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Minimum inner radius of the breathing animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_visible_min">22dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Maximum inner radius of the breathing animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_visible_max">24dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Inner radius at the end of the exit animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_exit">38dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Inner radius at the beginning of the enter animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_enter">18dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Thickness of the circle -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_thickness">2dp</dimen>