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** Copyright 2006, The Android Open Source Project
** Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
** you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
** You may obtain a copy of the License at
** Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
** distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
** See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
** limitations under the License.
package android.view;
import android.content.res.CompatibilityInfo;
import android.content.res.Configuration;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.os.IRemoteCallback;
import android.view.IApplicationToken;
import android.view.IOnKeyguardExitResult;
import android.view.IRotationWatcher;
import android.view.IWindowSession;
import android.view.IWindowSessionCallback;
import android.view.KeyEvent;
import android.view.InputEvent;
import android.view.MagnificationSpec;
import android.view.MotionEvent;
import android.view.InputChannel;
import android.view.InputDevice;
import android.view.IInputFilter;
import android.view.WindowContentFrameStats;
* System private interface to the window manager.
* {@hide}
interface IWindowManager
* ===== NOTICE =====
* The first three methods must remain the first three methods. Scripts
* and tools rely on their transaction number to work properly.
// This is used for debugging
boolean startViewServer(int port); // Transaction #1
boolean stopViewServer(); // Transaction #2
boolean isViewServerRunning(); // Transaction #3
IWindowSession openSession(in IWindowSessionCallback callback, in IInputMethodClient client,
in IInputContext inputContext);
boolean inputMethodClientHasFocus(IInputMethodClient client);
void getInitialDisplaySize(int displayId, out Point size);
void getBaseDisplaySize(int displayId, out Point size);
void setForcedDisplaySize(int displayId, int width, int height);
void clearForcedDisplaySize(int displayId);
int getInitialDisplayDensity(int displayId);
int getBaseDisplayDensity(int displayId);
void setForcedDisplayDensity(int displayId, int density);
void clearForcedDisplayDensity(int displayId);
void setForcedDisplayScalingMode(int displayId, int mode); // 0 = auto, 1 = disable
void setOverscan(int displayId, int left, int top, int right, int bottom);
// These can only be called when holding the MANAGE_APP_TOKENS permission.
void pauseKeyDispatching(IBinder token);
void resumeKeyDispatching(IBinder token);
void setEventDispatching(boolean enabled);
void addWindowToken(IBinder token, int type);
void removeWindowToken(IBinder token);
void addAppToken(int addPos, IApplicationToken token, int groupId, int stackId,
int requestedOrientation, boolean fullscreen, boolean showWhenLocked, int userId,
int configChanges, boolean voiceInteraction, boolean launchTaskBehind);
void setAppTask(IBinder token, int taskId);
void setAppOrientation(IApplicationToken token, int requestedOrientation);
int getAppOrientation(IApplicationToken token);
void setFocusedApp(IBinder token, boolean moveFocusNow);
void prepareAppTransition(int transit, boolean alwaysKeepCurrent);
int getPendingAppTransition();
void overridePendingAppTransition(String packageName, int enterAnim, int exitAnim,
IRemoteCallback startedCallback);
void overridePendingAppTransitionScaleUp(int startX, int startY, int startWidth,
int startHeight);
void overridePendingAppTransitionClipReveal(int startX, int startY,
int startWidth, int startHeight);
void overridePendingAppTransitionThumb(in Bitmap srcThumb, int startX, int startY,
IRemoteCallback startedCallback, boolean scaleUp);
void overridePendingAppTransitionAspectScaledThumb(in Bitmap srcThumb, int startX,
int startY, int targetWidth, int targetHeight, IRemoteCallback startedCallback,
boolean scaleUp);
void overridePendingAppTransitionInPlace(String packageName, int anim);
void executeAppTransition();
void setAppStartingWindow(IBinder token, String pkg, int theme,
in CompatibilityInfo compatInfo, CharSequence nonLocalizedLabel, int labelRes,
int icon, int logo, int windowFlags, IBinder transferFrom, boolean createIfNeeded);
void setAppWillBeHidden(IBinder token);
void setAppVisibility(IBinder token, boolean visible);
void startAppFreezingScreen(IBinder token, int configChanges);
void stopAppFreezingScreen(IBinder token, boolean force);
void removeAppToken(IBinder token);
// Re-evaluate the current orientation from the caller's state.
// If there is a change, the new Configuration is returned and the
// caller must call setNewConfiguration() sometime later.
Configuration updateOrientationFromAppTokens(in Configuration currentConfig,
IBinder freezeThisOneIfNeeded);
void setNewConfiguration(in Configuration config);
void startFreezingScreen(int exitAnim, int enterAnim);
void stopFreezingScreen();
// these require DISABLE_KEYGUARD permission
void disableKeyguard(IBinder token, String tag);
void reenableKeyguard(IBinder token);
void exitKeyguardSecurely(IOnKeyguardExitResult callback);
boolean isKeyguardLocked();
boolean isKeyguardSecure();
boolean inKeyguardRestrictedInputMode();
void dismissKeyguard();
void keyguardGoingAway(boolean disableWindowAnimations,
boolean keyguardGoingToNotificationShade);
void closeSystemDialogs(String reason);
// These can only be called with the SET_ANIMATON_SCALE permission.
float getAnimationScale(int which);
float[] getAnimationScales();
void setAnimationScale(int which, float scale);
void setAnimationScales(in float[] scales);
float getCurrentAnimatorScale();
// For testing
void setInTouchMode(boolean showFocus);
// For StrictMode flashing a red border on violations from the UI
// thread. The uid/pid is implicit from the Binder call, and the Window
// Manager uses that to determine whether or not the red border should
// actually be shown. (it will be ignored that pid doesn't have windows
// on screen)
void showStrictModeViolation(boolean on);
// Proxy to set the system property for whether the flashing
// should be enabled. The 'enabled' value is null or blank for
// the system default (differs per build variant) or any valid
// boolean string as parsed by SystemProperties.getBoolean().
void setStrictModeVisualIndicatorPreference(String enabled);
* Set whether screen capture is disabled for all windows of a specific user
void setScreenCaptureDisabled(int userId, boolean disabled);
* Cancels the window transitions for the given task.
void cancelTaskWindowTransition(int taskId);
* Cancels the thumbnail transitions for the given task.
void cancelTaskThumbnailTransition(int taskId);
// These can only be called with the SET_ORIENTATION permission.
* Update the current screen rotation based on the current state of
* the world.
* @param alwaysSendConfiguration Flag to force a new configuration to
* be evaluated. This can be used when there are other parameters in
* configuration that are changing.
* @param forceRelayout If true, the window manager will always do a relayout
* of its windows even if the rotation hasn't changed.
void updateRotation(boolean alwaysSendConfiguration, boolean forceRelayout);
* Retrieve the current screen orientation, constants as per
* {@link android.view.Surface}.
int getRotation();
* Watch the rotation of the screen. Returns the current rotation,
* calls back when it changes.
int watchRotation(IRotationWatcher watcher);
* Remove a rotation watcher set using watchRotation.
* @hide
void removeRotationWatcher(IRotationWatcher watcher);
* Determine the preferred edge of the screen to pin the compact options menu against.
* @return a Gravity value for the options menu panel
* @hide
int getPreferredOptionsPanelGravity();
* Lock the device orientation to the specified rotation, or to the
* current rotation if -1. Sensor input will be ignored until
* thawRotation() is called.
* @hide
void freezeRotation(int rotation);
* Release the orientation lock imposed by freezeRotation().
* @hide
void thawRotation();
* Gets whether the rotation is frozen.
* @return Whether the rotation is frozen.
boolean isRotationFrozen();
* Used only for assist -- request a screenshot of the current application.
boolean requestAssistScreenshot(IAssistScreenshotReceiver receiver);
* Create a screenshot of the applications currently displayed.
Bitmap screenshotApplications(IBinder appToken, int displayId, int maxWidth, int maxHeight);
* Called by the status bar to notify Views of changes to System UI visiblity.
oneway void statusBarVisibilityChanged(int visibility);
* Device has a software navigation bar (separate from the status bar).
boolean hasNavigationBar();
* Lock the device immediately with the specified options (can be null).
void lockNow(in Bundle options);
* Device is in safe mode.
boolean isSafeModeEnabled();
* Enables the screen if all conditions are met.
void enableScreenIfNeeded();
* Clears the frame statistics for a given window.
* @param token The window token.
* @return Whether the frame statistics were cleared.
boolean clearWindowContentFrameStats(IBinder token);
* Gets the content frame statistics for a given window.
* @param token The window token.
* @return The frame statistics or null if the window does not exist.
WindowContentFrameStats getWindowContentFrameStats(IBinder token);