Badge ChooserActivity choices with their app icon for disambig

When two or more activities with the same user-visible label are
shown, we have traditionally shown the app name or package name if the
app names also match. This was to help the user tell the difference
between multiple apps publishing similar activities and avoid
unintentionally starting the wrong one. However, in the case of
explicit choosers (e.g. ACTION_SEND sharing) a few common collisions
occur in practice and falling all the way back to package name isn't
very helpful.

Instead, we now assume that the app icon, which the user has seen
before at install time, is unique enough on its own to disambiguate
these cases and avoid user confusion. We no longer show the app name
or package name as secondary text in the chooser.

In cases where an activity has a different icon from its containing
app, we now badge the activity icon with the app icon so that the user
knows which app a potentially ambiguous choice belongs to.

Bug 24113937

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