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Fuzzer for libcameraservice

Plugin Design Considerations

The fuzzer plugin is designed based on the understanding of the library and tries to achieve the following:

Maximize code coverage

The configuration parameters are not hardcoded, but instead selected based on incoming data. This ensures more code paths are reached by the fuzzer.

libcameraservice supports the following parameters:

  1. Camera Type (parameter name: cameraType)
  2. Camera API Version (parameter name: cameraAPIVersion)
  3. Event ID (parameter name: eventId)
  4. Camera Sound Kind (parameter name: soundKind)
  5. Shell Command (parameter name: shellCommand)
ParameterValid ValuesConfigured Value
cameraType0. CAMERA_TYPE_BACKWARD_COMPATIBLE 1. CAMERA_TYPE_ALLValue obtained from FuzzedDataProvider
cameraAPIVersion0. API_VERSION_1 1. API_VERSION_2Value obtained from FuzzedDataProvider
eventId0. EVENT_USER_SWITCHED 1. EVENT_NONEValue obtained from FuzzedDataProvider
soundKind0. SOUND_SHUTTER 1. SOUND_RECORDING_START 2. SOUND_RECORDING_STOPValue obtained from FuzzedDataProvider
shellCommand0. set-uid-state 1. reset-uid-state 2. get-uid-state 3. set-rotate-and-crop 4. get-rotate-and-crop 5. helpValue obtained from FuzzedDataProvider

This also ensures that the plugin is always deterministic for any given input.

Maximize utilization of input data

The plugin tolerates any kind of input (empty, huge, malformed, etc) and doesn't exit() on any input and thereby increasing the chance of identifying vulnerabilities.


This describes steps to build camera_service_fuzzer binary.


Steps to build

Build the fuzzer

  $ mm -j$(nproc) camera_service_fuzzer

Steps to run

Create a directory CORPUS_DIR

  $ adb shell mkdir CORPUS_DIR

To run on device

  $ adb sync data
  $ adb shell /data/fuzz/arm64/camera_service_fuzzer/camera_service_fuzzer CORPUS_DIR