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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <cutils/properties.h>
#include <string>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <utils/Errors.h>
#include <utils/KeyedVector.h>
#include <utils/RefBase.h>
#include <utils/StrongPointer.h>
#include <utils/Timers.h>
namespace android {
class IMediaAnalyticsService;
class Parcel;
// the class interface
class MediaAnalyticsItem {
friend class MediaAnalyticsService;
friend class IMediaAnalyticsService;
friend class MediaMetricsJNI;
friend class MetricsSummarizer;
friend class MediaMetricsDeathNotifier;
enum Type {
kTypeNone = 0,
kTypeInt32 = 1,
kTypeInt64 = 2,
kTypeDouble = 3,
kTypeCString = 4,
kTypeRate = 5,
// sessionid
// unique within device, within boot,
typedef int64_t SessionID_t;
static constexpr SessionID_t SessionIDInvalid = -1;
static constexpr SessionID_t SessionIDNone = 0;
// Key: the record descriminator
// values for the record discriminator
// values can be "component/component"
// basic values: "video", "audio", "drm"
// XXX: need to better define the format
typedef std::string Key;
static const Key kKeyNone; // ""
static const Key kKeyAny; // "*"
// Attr: names for attributes within a record
// format "prop1" or "prop/subprop"
// XXX: need to better define the format
typedef const char *Attr;
enum {
PROTO_V0 = 0,
PROTO_V1 = 1,
// access functions for the class
// SessionID ties multiple submissions for same key together
// so that if video "height" and "width" are known at one point
// and "framerate" is only known later, they can be be brought
// together.
MediaAnalyticsItem &setSessionID(SessionID_t);
MediaAnalyticsItem &clearSessionID();
SessionID_t getSessionID() const;
// generates and stores a new ID iff mSessionID == SessionIDNone
SessionID_t generateSessionID();
// reset all contents, discarding any extra data
void clear();
MediaAnalyticsItem *dup();
// set the key discriminator for the record.
// most often initialized as part of the constructor
MediaAnalyticsItem &setKey(MediaAnalyticsItem::Key);
MediaAnalyticsItem::Key getKey();
// # of attributes in the record
int32_t count() const;
// set values appropriately
void setInt32(Attr, int32_t value);
void setInt64(Attr, int64_t value);
void setDouble(Attr, double value);
void setRate(Attr, int64_t count, int64_t duration);
void setCString(Attr, const char *value);
// fused get/add/set; if attr wasn't there, it's a simple set.
// type-mismatch counts as "wasn't there".
void addInt32(Attr, int32_t value);
void addInt64(Attr, int64_t value);
void addDouble(Attr, double value);
void addRate(Attr, int64_t count, int64_t duration);
// find & extract values
// return indicates whether attr exists (and thus value filled in)
// NULL parameter value suppresses storage of value.
bool getInt32(Attr, int32_t *value);
bool getInt64(Attr, int64_t *value);
bool getDouble(Attr, double *value);
bool getRate(Attr, int64_t *count, int64_t *duration, double *rate);
// Caller owns the returned string
bool getCString(Attr, char **value);
// parameter indicates whether to close any existing open
// record with same key before establishing a new record
// caller retains ownership of 'this'.
bool selfrecord(bool);
bool selfrecord();
// remove indicated attributes and their values
// filterNot() could also be called keepOnly()
// return value is # attributes removed
// XXX: perhaps 'remove' instead of 'filter'
// XXX: filterNot would become 'keep'
int32_t filter(int count, Attr attrs[]);
int32_t filterNot(int count, Attr attrs[]);
int32_t filter(Attr attr);
// below here are used on server side or to talk to server
// clients need not worry about these.
// timestamp, pid, and uid only used on server side
// timestamp is in 'nanoseconds, unix time'
MediaAnalyticsItem &setTimestamp(nsecs_t);
nsecs_t getTimestamp() const;
MediaAnalyticsItem &setPid(pid_t);
pid_t getPid() const;
MediaAnalyticsItem &setUid(uid_t);
uid_t getUid() const;
MediaAnalyticsItem &setPkgName(const std::string &pkgName);
std::string getPkgName() const { return mPkgName; }
MediaAnalyticsItem &setPkgVersionCode(int64_t);
int64_t getPkgVersionCode() const;
// our serialization code for binder calls
int32_t writeToParcel(Parcel *);
int32_t readFromParcel(const Parcel&);
std::string toString();
std::string toString(int version);
// are we collecting analytics data
static bool isEnabled();
// merge fields from arg into this
// with rules for first/last/add, etc
// XXX: document semantics and how they are indicated
// caller continues to own 'incoming'
bool merge(MediaAnalyticsItem *incoming);
// enabled 1, disabled 0
static const char * const EnabledProperty;
static const char * const EnabledPropertyPersist;
static const int EnabledProperty_default;
// to help validate that A doesn't mess with B's records
pid_t mPid;
uid_t mUid;
std::string mPkgName;
int64_t mPkgVersionCode;
// let's reuse a binder connection
static sp<IMediaAnalyticsService> sAnalyticsService;
static sp<IMediaAnalyticsService> getInstance();
static void dropInstance();
// tracking information
SessionID_t mSessionID; // grouping similar records
nsecs_t mTimestamp; // ns, system_time_monotonic
// will this record accept further updates
bool mFinalized;
Key mKey;
struct Prop {
Type mType;
const char *mName;
size_t mNameLen; // the strlen(), doesn't include the null
union {
int32_t int32Value;
int64_t int64Value;
double doubleValue;
char *CStringValue;
struct { int64_t count, duration; } rate;
} u;
void setName(const char *name, size_t len);
void initProp(Prop *item);
void clearProp(Prop *item);
void clearPropValue(Prop *item);
void copyProp(Prop *dst, const Prop *src);
enum {
kGrowProps = 10
bool growProps(int increment = kGrowProps);
size_t findPropIndex(const char *name, size_t len);
Prop *findProp(const char *name);
Prop *allocateProp(const char *name);
bool removeProp(const char *name);
size_t mPropCount;
size_t mPropSize;
Prop *mProps;
} // namespace android