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service audioserver /system/bin/audioserver
class core
user audioserver
# media gid needed for /dev/fm (radio) and for /data/misc/media (tee)
group audio camera drmrpc inet media mediadrm net_bt net_bt_admin net_bw_acct wakelock
capabilities BLOCK_SUSPEND
ioprio rt 4
writepid /dev/cpuset/foreground/tasks /dev/stune/foreground/tasks
onrestart restart
onrestart restart
# Keep the original service name for backward compatibility when upgrading
# O-MR1 devices with framework-only.
onrestart restart audio-hal-2-0
on property:vts.native_server.on=1
stop audioserver
on property:vts.native_server.on=0
start audioserver
on init
mkdir /dev/socket/audioserver 0775 audioserver audioserver