Camera: API1 shim: Don't tightly apply crop region

Due to older HAL compatibility, we have been setting a tight crop region
that just bounds the current output streams. However, this did not take
into account any possible ZSL output stream, so correct application of
our stream cropping rules to ZSL results in double-crop scenarios, if
the ZSL stream aspect ratio does not match the aspect ratio of the other
output streams.

Since all current HALs follow the correct stream cropping rules (or
at least sufficiently ignore them for ZSL), simplify the cropping
substantially - now either calculate the crop region based purely
off the active array dimensions and zoom factor, or purely off
the preview stream and zoom factor. The former is used for setting
the request crop, and the latter is used for converting coordinates
for metering regions.

Bug: 20316691

Change-Id: I5a0bc2e7c09cf60fbae4220566540ca9e674d652
2 files changed