Bug fix for the MediaPlayer::prepare() api.

For an MP3 source, within the prepare command, ID3 tags are checked in search of
gapless playback info. This causes problems for streamed sources. If ID3v2 tags
aren't present, then a check is done for ID3v1 tags. This results in a read
command that asks the cache to jump to the end of the file, and subsequently
make an extra http call to request those bytes. For a streamed source, this
causes the file to not be downloaded automatically when MediaPlayer::prepare()
is called, and causes stuttering and extra buffering time to be needed when
start() is finally called.
The solution is to ignore the ID3v1 tags as the gapless info would never exist
there, and only check for ID3v2 tags.

Change-Id: I7d1b94cffbfe7c38ca094834dedbc92a58855e20
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