IAudioPolicyService: Add attribute tags sanitization

When audio_attributes_t was read from the binder parcel,
the string tags field was copied without checking that
it contained a '\0'.

This could lead to read past the end when tags were used.

This patch always adds a '\0' at the end of the buffer when

Bug: 68953950
Test: manual playback/record
Test: send binder payload without \0 in tags attribute, check that only
      AUDIO_ATTRIBUTES_TAGS_MAX_SIZE - 1 char are printed.
Change-Id: I285258cbf7cfaf26b191d1f31b3b1e2d724c4934
Merged-In: I285258cbf7cfaf26b191d1f31b3b1e2d724c4934
Signed-off-by: Kevin Rocard <krocard@google.com>
(cherry picked from commit 39fdbd097a147b5c719dac9ad2759e6c44eb3a4e)
2 files changed