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;// Copyright (C) 2007-2008 ARM Limited
;// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
;// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
;// You may obtain a copy of the License at
;// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
;// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
;// WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
;// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
;// limitations under the License.
;// File Name: armVCM4P10_DecodeCoeffsToPair_s.s
;// OpenMAX DL: v1.0.2
;// Revision: 9641
;// Date: Thursday, February 7, 2008
INCLUDE omxtypes_s.h
INCLUDE armCOMM_BitDec_s.h
IMPORT armVCM4P10_CAVLCCoeffTokenTables
IMPORT armVCM4P10_CAVLCTotalZeroTables
IMPORT armVCM4P10_CAVLCTotalZeros2x2Tables
IMPORT armVCM4P10_CAVLCRunBeforeTables
IMPORT armVCM4P10_SuffixToLevel
IMPORT armVCM4P10_ZigZag_4x4
IMPORT armVCM4P10_ZigZag_2x2
LAST_COEFF EQU 0x20 ;// End of block flag
;// Declare input registers
ppBitStream RN 0
pOffset RN 1
pNumCoeff RN 2
ppPosCoefbuf RN 3
nC RN 4 ;// number of coeffs or 17 for chroma
sMaxNumCoeff RN 5
;// Declare inner loop registers
;// Level loop
Count RN 0
TrailingOnes RN 1
pLevel RN 2
LevelSuffix RN 3
SuffixLength RN 4
TotalCoeff RN 5
pVLDTable RN 6
Symbol RN 7
T1 RN 8
T2 RN 9
RBitStream RN 10
RBitBuffer RN 11
RBitCount RN 12
lr RN 14
;// Run loop
Count RN 0
ZerosLeft RN 1
pLevel RN 2
ppRunTable RN 3
pRun RN 4
TotalCoeff RN 5
pVLDTable RN 6
Symbol RN 7
T1 RN 8
T2 RN 9
RBitStream RN 10
RBitBuffer RN 11
RBitCount RN 12
lr RN 14
;// Fill in coefficients loop
pPosCoefbuf RN 0
temp RN 1
pLevel RN 2
ppPosCoefbuf RN 3
pRun RN 4
TotalCoeff RN 5
pZigZag RN 6
T1 RN 8
T2 RN 9
RBitStream RN 10
RBitBuffer RN 11
RBitCount RN 12
CoeffNum RN 14
;// Allocate stack memory required by the function
M_ALLOC4 pppBitStream, 4
M_ALLOC4 ppOffset, 4
M_ALLOC4 pppPosCoefbuf, 4
M_ALLOC4 ppLevel, 16*2
M_ALLOC4 ppRun, 16
;// Write function header
M_START armVCM4P10_DecodeCoeffsToPair, r11
;// Define stack arguments
M_ARG pNC, 4
M_ARG pSMaxNumCoeff,4
;// Code start
M_BD_INIT0 ppBitStream, pOffset, RBitStream, RBitBuffer, RBitCount
LDR pVLDTable, =armVCM4P10_CAVLCCoeffTokenTables
M_BD_INIT1 T1, T2, lr
LDR pVLDTable, [pVLDTable, nC, LSL #2] ;// Find VLD table
M_BD_INIT2 T1, T2, lr
;// Decode Symbol = TotalCoeff*4 + TrailingOnes
M_BD_VLD Symbol, T1, T2, pVLDTable, 4, 2
MOVS TotalCoeff, Symbol, LSR #2
STRB TotalCoeff, [pNumCoeff]
M_PRINTF "TotalCoeff=%d\n", TotalCoeff
BEQ.W EndNoError ;// Finished if no coefficients
CMP Symbol, #17*4
BGE.W EndBadSymbol ;// Error if bad symbol
;// Save bitstream pointers
M_STR ppBitStream, pppBitStream
M_STR pOffset, ppOffset
M_STR ppPosCoefbuf, pppPosCoefbuf
;// Decode Trailing Ones
ANDS TrailingOnes, Symbol, #3
M_ADR pLevel, ppLevel
M_PRINTF "TrailingOnes=%d\n", TrailingOnes
BEQ TrailingOnesDone
MOV Count, TrailingOnes
M_BD_READ8 Symbol, 1, T1
SUBS Count, Count, #1
MOV T1, #1
SUB T1, T1, Symbol, LSL #1
M_PRINTF "Level=%d\n", T1
STRH T1, [pLevel], #2
BGT TrailingOnesLoop
;// Decode level values
SUBS Count, TotalCoeff, TrailingOnes ;// Number of levels to read
BEQ DecodeRuns ;// None left
MOV SuffixLength, #1
CMP TotalCoeff, #10
MOVLE SuffixLength, #0
CMP TrailingOnes, #3 ;// if (TrailingOnes<3)
MOVLT TrailingOnes, #4 ;// then TrailingOnes = +4
MOVGE TrailingOnes, #2 ;// else TrailingOnes = +2
MOVGE SuffixLength, #0 ;// SuffixLength = 0
M_BD_CLZ16 Symbol, T1, T2 ;// Symbol=LevelPrefix
CMP Symbol,#16
BGE EndBadSymbol
MOVS lr, SuffixLength ;// if LevelSuffixSize==0
TEQEQ Symbol, #14 ;// and LevelPrefix==14
MOVEQ lr, #4 ;// then LevelSuffixSize=4
TEQ Symbol, #15 ;// if LevelSuffixSize==15
MOVEQ lr, #12 ;// then LevelSuffixSize=12
TEQEQ SuffixLength,#0
ADDEQ Symbol,Symbol,#15
TEQ lr, #0 ;// if LevelSuffixSize==0
BEQ LevelCodeRead ;// LevelCode = LevelPrefix
M_BD_VREAD16 LevelSuffix, lr, T1, T2 ;// Read Level Suffix
MOV Symbol, Symbol, LSL SuffixLength
ADD Symbol, LevelSuffix, Symbol
;// Symbol = LevelCode
ADD Symbol, Symbol, TrailingOnes ;// +4 if level cannot be +/-1, +2 o/w
MOV TrailingOnes, #2
MOVS T1, Symbol, LSR #1
RSBCS T1, T1, #0 ;// If Symbol odd then negate
M_PRINTF "Level=%d\n", T1
STRH T1, [pLevel], #2 ;// Store level.
LDR T2, =armVCM4P10_SuffixToLevel
LDRSB T1, [T2, SuffixLength] ;// Find increment level
TEQ SuffixLength, #0
MOVEQ SuffixLength, #1
CMP Symbol, T1
ADDCS SuffixLength, SuffixLength, #1
SUBS Count, Count, #1
BGT LevelLoop
;// Find number of zeros
M_LDR T1, pSMaxNumCoeff ;// sMaxNumCoeff
SUB Count, TotalCoeff, #1 ;// Number of runs excluding last
SUBS ZerosLeft, T1, TotalCoeff ;// Maximum number of zeros there could be
M_ADR pRun, ppRun
MOV CoeffNum,TotalCoeff
SUB CoeffNum,CoeffNum,#1
BEQ NoZerosLeft
;// Unpack number of zeros from bitstream
TEQ T1, #4
LDREQ pVLDTable, =(armVCM4P10_CAVLCTotalZeros2x2Tables-4)
LDRNE pVLDTable, =(armVCM4P10_CAVLCTotalZeroTables-4)
LDR pVLDTable, [pVLDTable, TotalCoeff, LSL #2]
M_BD_VLD Symbol, T1, T2, pVLDTable, 4, 2 ;// Symbol = ZerosLeft
CMP Symbol,#16
BGE EndBadSymbol
LDR ppRunTable, =(armVCM4P10_CAVLCRunBeforeTables-4)
M_ADR pRun, ppRun
MOVS ZerosLeft, Symbol
ADD CoeffNum,CoeffNum,ZerosLeft
BEQ NoZerosLeft
;// Decode runs while zeros are left and more than one coefficient
SUBS Count, Count, #1
LDR pVLDTable, [ppRunTable, ZerosLeft, LSL#2]
BLT LastRun
M_BD_VLD Symbol, T1, T2, pVLDTable, 3, 2 ;// Symbol = Run
CMP Symbol,#15
BGE EndBadSymbol
SUBS ZerosLeft, ZerosLeft, Symbol
M_PRINTF "Run=%d\n", Symbol
STRB Symbol, [pRun], #1
BGT RunLoop
;// Decode runs while no zeros are left
SUBS Count, Count, #1
M_PRINTF "Run=%d\n", ZerosLeft
STRGEB ZerosLeft, [pRun], #1
BGT NoZerosLeft
;// Final run length is remaining zeros
M_PRINTF "LastRun=%d\n", ZerosLeft
STRB ZerosLeft, [pRun], #1
;// Write coefficients to output array
M_LDR T1, pSMaxNumCoeff ;// sMaxNumCoeff
TEQ T1, #15
ADDEQ CoeffNum,CoeffNum,#1
SUB pRun,pRun,TotalCoeff
SUB pLevel,pLevel,TotalCoeff
SUB pLevel,pLevel,TotalCoeff
M_LDR ppPosCoefbuf, pppPosCoefbuf
LDR pPosCoefbuf, [ppPosCoefbuf]
TEQ T1, #4
LDREQ pZigZag, =armVCM4P10_ZigZag_2x2
LDRNE pZigZag, =armVCM4P10_ZigZag_4x4
LDRB T2, [pRun],#1
LDRB T1, [pZigZag, CoeffNum]
SUB CoeffNum, CoeffNum, #1 ;// Skip Non zero
SUB CoeffNum, CoeffNum, T2 ;// Skip Zero run
LDRSH T2, [pLevel],#2
SUBS TotalCoeff, TotalCoeff, #1
ADD temp, T2, #128
CMP temp, #256
TEQ TotalCoeff, #0 ;// Preserves carry
M_PRINTF "Output=%02x %04x\n", T1, T2
STRB T1, [pPosCoefbuf], #1
STRB T2, [pPosCoefbuf], #1
MOV T2, T2, LSR #8
STRCSB T2, [pPosCoefbuf], #1
BNE OutputLoop
;// Finished
STR pPosCoefbuf, [ppPosCoefbuf]
M_LDR ppBitStream, pppBitStream
M_LDR pOffset, ppOffset
B EndNoError
MOV r0, #OMX_Sts_Err
B End
;// Finished reading from the bitstream
M_BD_FINI ppBitStream, pOffset
;// Set return value
MOV r0, #OMX_Sts_NoErr