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  3. ExtractorFactoryTest.cpp
  4. ExtractorFactoryTestEnvironment.h

Media Testing

Writer :

The Writer Test Suite validates the writers available in libstagefright.

Run the following steps to build the test suite:

mmm frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/tests/writer/

The 32-bit binaries will be created in the following path : ${OUT}/data/nativetest/ The 64-bit binaries will be created in the following path : ${OUT}/data/nativetest64/

To test 64-bit binary push binaries from nativetest64.

adb push ${OUT}/data/nativetest64/ExtractorFactoryTest/ExtractorFactoryTest /data/local/tmp/

To test 32-bit binary push binaries from nativetest.

adb push ${OUT}/data/nativetest/ExtractorFactoryTest/ExtractorFactoryTest /data/local/tmp/

The resource file for the tests is taken from here. Download, unzip and push these files into device for testing.

adb push extractor /data/local/tmp/

usage: ExtractorFactoryTest -P <path_to_res_folder>

adb shell /data/local/tmp/ExtractorFactoryTest -P /data/local/tmp/extractor/

Alternatively, the test can also be run using atest command.

atest ExtractorFactoryTest -- --enable-module-dynamic-download=true