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  1. Android.bp
  2. AndroidTest.xml
  3. HEVCUtilsTestEnvironment.h
  4. HEVCUtilsUnitTest.cpp

Media Testing

HEVC Utils Test

The HEVC Utility Unit Test Suite validates the HevcUtils library available in libstagefright.

Run the following steps to build the test suite:

m HEVCUtilsUnitTest

The 32-bit binaries will be created in the following path : ${OUT}/data/nativetest/

The 64-bit binaries will be created in the following path : ${OUT}/data/nativetest64/

To test 64-bit binary push binaries from nativetest64.

adb push ${OUT}/data/nativetest64/HEVCUtilsUnitTest/HEVCUtilsUnitTest /data/local/tmp/

To test 32-bit binary push binaries from nativetest.

adb push ${OUT}/data/nativetest/HEVCUtilsUnitTest/HEVCUtilsUnitTest /data/local/tmp/

The resource file for the tests is taken from here. Download, unzip and push these files into device for testing.

adb push HEVCUtilsUnitTest /data/local/tmp/

usage: HEVCUtilsUnitTest -P <path_to_folder>

adb shell /data/local/tmp/HEVCUtilsUnitTest -P /data/local/tmp/HEVCUtilsUnitTest/

Alternatively, the test can also be run using atest command.

atest HEVCUtilsUnitTest -- --enable-module-dynamic-download=true