heif: use width and height for decoder -- DO NOT MERGE

The display dimensions from MPEG4Extractor is applied on top
of width and height for scaling, it's not for cropping. For
bitmap uses we have to use width and height, the frame from
media server is not scaled.

This required porting over some fixes from master to fix the
display size vs. image size reporting, otherwise images with
grids may show a black border at the bottom or right.

bug: 73172046
Test: test app in bug; open folders with heif files in Photos
and Downloads; CTS MediaMetadataRetrieverTest.
Change-Id: I3d7f1492d08d48876836ccc05b6eb4de0d0c0f9a
(cherry picked from commit 49d4aa0a7407ea6632c4a3441c7a4d922d003ea5)
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