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* Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "CameraService.h"
#include "common/CameraDeviceBase.h"
#include "common/Camera2ClientBase.h"
#include "api1/client2/Parameters.h"
#include "api1/client2/FrameProcessor.h"
//#include "api1/client2/StreamingProcessor.h"
//#include "api1/client2/JpegProcessor.h"
//#include "api1/client2/ZslProcessorInterface.h"
//#include "api1/client2/CaptureSequencer.h"
//#include "api1/client2/CallbackProcessor.h"
namespace android {
namespace camera2 {
class StreamingProcessor;
class JpegProcessor;
class ZslProcessorInterface;
class CaptureSequencer;
class CallbackProcessor;
class IMemory;
* Interface between android.hardware.Camera API and Camera HAL device for versions
class Camera2Client :
public Camera2ClientBase<CameraService::Client>
* ICamera interface (see ICamera for details)
virtual void disconnect();
virtual status_t connect(const sp<ICameraClient>& client);
virtual status_t lock();
virtual status_t unlock();
virtual status_t setPreviewTarget(
const sp<IGraphicBufferProducer>& bufferProducer);
virtual void setPreviewCallbackFlag(int flag);
virtual status_t setPreviewCallbackTarget(
const sp<IGraphicBufferProducer>& callbackProducer);
virtual status_t startPreview();
virtual void stopPreview();
virtual bool previewEnabled();
virtual status_t storeMetaDataInBuffers(bool enabled);
virtual status_t startRecording();
virtual void stopRecording();
virtual bool recordingEnabled();
virtual void releaseRecordingFrame(const sp<IMemory>& mem);
virtual status_t autoFocus();
virtual status_t cancelAutoFocus();
virtual status_t takePicture(int msgType);
virtual status_t setParameters(const String8& params);
virtual String8 getParameters() const;
virtual status_t sendCommand(int32_t cmd, int32_t arg1, int32_t arg2);
* Interface used by CameraService
Camera2Client(const sp<CameraService>& cameraService,
const sp<ICameraClient>& cameraClient,
const String16& clientPackageName,
int cameraId,
int cameraFacing,
int clientPid,
uid_t clientUid,
int servicePid,
int deviceVersion);
virtual ~Camera2Client();
status_t initialize(camera_module_t *module);
virtual status_t dump(int fd, const Vector<String16>& args);
* Interface used by CameraDeviceBase
virtual void notifyAutoFocus(uint8_t newState, int triggerId);
virtual void notifyAutoExposure(uint8_t newState, int triggerId);
* Interface used by independent components of Camera2Client.
camera2::SharedParameters& getParameters();
int getPreviewStreamId() const;
int getCaptureStreamId() const;
int getCallbackStreamId() const;
int getRecordingStreamId() const;
int getZslStreamId() const;
status_t registerFrameListener(int32_t minId, int32_t maxId,
wp<camera2::FrameProcessor::FilteredListener> listener);
status_t removeFrameListener(int32_t minId, int32_t maxId,
wp<camera2::FrameProcessor::FilteredListener> listener);
status_t stopStream();
static size_t calculateBufferSize(int width, int height,
int format, int stride);
static const int32_t kPreviewRequestIdStart = 10000000;
static const int32_t kPreviewRequestIdEnd = 20000000;
static const int32_t kRecordingRequestIdStart = 20000000;
static const int32_t kRecordingRequestIdEnd = 30000000;
static const int32_t kCaptureRequestIdStart = 30000000;
static const int32_t kCaptureRequestIdEnd = 40000000;
// Constant strings for ATRACE logging
static const char* kAutofocusLabel;
static const char* kTakepictureLabel;
/** ICamera interface-related private members */
typedef camera2::Parameters Parameters;
status_t setPreviewWindowL(const sp<IBinder>& binder,
sp<ANativeWindow> window);
status_t startPreviewL(Parameters &params, bool restart);
void stopPreviewL();
status_t startRecordingL(Parameters &params, bool restart);
bool recordingEnabledL();
// Individual commands for sendCommand()
status_t commandStartSmoothZoomL();
status_t commandStopSmoothZoomL();
status_t commandSetDisplayOrientationL(int degrees);
status_t commandEnableShutterSoundL(bool enable);
status_t commandPlayRecordingSoundL();
status_t commandStartFaceDetectionL(int type);
status_t commandStopFaceDetectionL(Parameters &params);
status_t commandEnableFocusMoveMsgL(bool enable);
status_t commandPingL();
status_t commandSetVideoBufferCountL(size_t count);
// Current camera device configuration
camera2::SharedParameters mParameters;
/** Camera device-related private members */
void setPreviewCallbackFlagL(Parameters &params, int flag);
status_t updateRequests(Parameters &params);
int mDeviceVersion;
// Used with stream IDs
static const int NO_STREAM = -1;
template <typename ProcessorT>
status_t updateProcessorStream(sp<ProcessorT> processor, Parameters params);
template <typename ProcessorT,
status_t (ProcessorT::*updateStreamF)(const Parameters &)>
status_t updateProcessorStream(sp<ProcessorT> processor, Parameters params);
sp<camera2::FrameProcessor> mFrameProcessor;
/* Preview/Recording related members */
sp<IBinder> mPreviewSurface;
sp<camera2::StreamingProcessor> mStreamingProcessor;
/** Preview callback related members */
sp<camera2::CallbackProcessor> mCallbackProcessor;
/* Still image capture related members */
sp<camera2::CaptureSequencer> mCaptureSequencer;
sp<camera2::JpegProcessor> mJpegProcessor;
sp<camera2::ZslProcessorInterface> mZslProcessor;
sp<Thread> mZslProcessorThread;
/** Notification-related members */
bool mAfInMotion;
/** Utility members */
// Wait until the camera device has received the latest control settings
status_t syncWithDevice();
}; // namespace android