Various improvements of wifi display code

- manually prepend SPS/PPS if encoder doesn't support it
- latency improvements
- support for "our" method of optional RTP retransmission
- improvements to the wfd commandline tool for testing
- make it easier to turn on/off suspension of the video pipeline on idle
- fixes an issue where an error during encryption would cause a SEGV
- add HDCP descriptor if necessary

Squashed commit of the following:

commit 1115be0ebb3b885b4f1b7dba56761ca013d0ec4a
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Fri Nov 9 11:32:23 2012 -0800

    Better shutdown of wfd -l sessions.

    Change-Id: Id898a14ae21efd3b065b00a729830063d39195a7

commit 0e7d106dfe4eb6e2640b0b66c65deaba265f7ff0
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Thu Nov 8 16:38:55 2012 -0800

    No more sending delay, create rtp packets upfront.

    Change-Id: I809a225f664fdb485c7d9a49a27886601a6a26b2

commit d399e8571b77353d59afb57508dfd2a82c1ef93a
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Thu Nov 8 14:19:43 2012 -0800

    Restore AudioSource buffer size, factor out TimeSeries, make

    suspending video optional.

    Change-Id: Ifdfe4d447b901e714abf52856b4641d1d55a5d41

commit f8b649f0b8f917d59f4b8a2e8e6d7db61a684a78
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Thu Nov 8 09:34:06 2012 -0800

    Pull 480 frames at a time from AudioSource/AudioRecord

    Change-Id: I1e215abd329faec3da026631122c0f4c800c0ac4

commit 1bc13452eb35eebbba00f5da93fa86535be5db59
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Thu Nov 8 08:50:30 2012 -0800

    fixed bitrate traffic simulation

    Change-Id: Ic5efb7cbb0b5d3b4917bc77b8ba73d447249e695

commit 016cdff18e74bdc631a5679e97192645ed095aa2
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Wed Nov 7 14:00:03 2012 -0800

    resurrected "our" style of retransmission.

    Change-Id: I34d757aba67428437cb39b8293a9651750ad20d9

commit 384cf1a3c8fb4ec410bdf8fa5722c298e6028f3e
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Tue Nov 6 09:38:55 2012 -0800

    Changes to make wfd work on manta.

    Change-Id: I7a4e00cf16581fe2146edd1b359af195774090e4

commit 9628f24b22b35f28630d99dda3614babf51bc07e
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Wed Nov 7 09:15:44 2012 -0800

    Patch up rtp timestamps to more accurately measure network jitter.

    Change-Id: I9502a4615575f97f98a215a13131a89a6ae93c6d

commit 7c891a1a24f08bbd50f55be13f7d05f43e807eb8
Author: Andreas Huber <>
Date:   Tue Nov 6 09:37:24 2012 -0800

    Additions to the "wfd" tool to create a local wfd source.

    Change-Id: I99558653a70fdc703f9d13990b3ce1c4d3ae227a

Change-Id: Ia94c63fc390f597014531073485f0cfc53b3418a
16 files changed