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Zstandard Documentation

This directory contains material defining the Zstandard format, as well as detailed instructions to use zstd library.

zstd_manual.html : Documentation of zstd.h API, in html format. Click on this link: to display documentation of latest release in readable format within a browser. : This document defines the Zstandard compression format. Compliant decoders must adhere to this document, and compliant encoders must generate data that follows it.

Should you look for resources to develop your own port of Zstandard algorithm, you may find the following resources useful :

educational_decoder : This directory contains an implementation of a Zstandard decoder, compliant with the Zstandard compression format. It can be used, for example, to better understand the format, or as the basis for a separate implementation of Zstandard decoder.

decode_corpus : This tool, stored in /tests directory, is able to generate random valid frames, which is useful if you wish to test your decoder and verify it fully supports the specification.