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largeNbDicts is a benchmark test tool dedicated to the specific scenario of dictionary decompression using a very large number of dictionaries. When dictionaries are constantly changing, they are always “cold”, suffering from increased latency due to cache misses.

The tool is created in a bid to investigate performance for this scenario, and experiment mitigation techniques.

Command line :

largeNbDicts [Options] filename(s)

Options :
-r           : recursively load all files in subdirectories (default: off)
-B#          : split input into blocks of size # (default: no split)
-#           : use compression level # (default: 3)
-D #         : use # as a dictionary (default: create one)
-i#          : nb benchmark rounds (default: 6)
--nbDicts=#  : set nb of dictionaries to # (default: one per block)
-h           : help (this text)