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gen_html - a program for automatic generation of zstd manual


This simple C++ program generates a single-page HTML manual from zstd.h.

The format of recognized comment blocks is following:

  • comments of type /*! mean: this is a function declaration; switch comments with declarations
  • comments of type /** and /*- mean: this is a comment; use a <H2> header for the first line
  • comments of type /*= and /**= mean: use a <H3> header and show also all functions until first empty line
  • comments of type /*X where X is different from above-mentioned are ignored


  • ZSTDLIB_API is removed to improve readability
  • typedef are detected and included even if uncommented
  • comments of type /**< and /*!< are detected and only function declaration is highlighted (bold)


The program requires 3 parameters:

gen_html [zstd_version] [input_file] [output_html]

To compile program and generate zstd manual we have used:

./gen_html.exe 1.1.1 ../../lib/zstd.h zstd_manual.html