Zstandard CI testing is split up into three sections: short, medium, and long tests.

Short Tests

Short tests run on CircleCI for new commits on every branch and pull request. They consist of the following tests:

  • Compilation on all supported targets (x86, x86_64, ARM, AArch64, PowerPC, and PowerPC64)
  • Compilation on various versions of gcc, clang, and g++
  • tests/playTests.sh on x86_64, without the tests on long data (CLI tests)
  • Small tests (tests/legacy.c, tests/longmatch.c) on x64_64

Medium Tests

Medium tests run on every commit and pull request to dev branch, on TravisCI. They consist of the following tests:

  • The following tests run with UBsan and Asan on x86_64 and x86, as well as with Msan on x86_64
    • tests/playTests.sh --test-large-data
    • Fuzzer tests: tests/fuzzer.c, tests/zstreamtest.c, and tests/decodecorpus.c
  • tests/zstreamtest.c under Tsan (streaming mode, including multithreaded mode)
  • Valgrind Test (make -C tests valgrindTest) (testing CLI and fuzzer under valgrind)
  • Fuzzer tests (see above) on ARM, AArch64, PowerPC, and PowerPC64

Long Tests

Long tests run on all commits to master branch, and once a day on the current version of dev branch, on TravisCI. They consist of the following tests:

  • Entire test suite (including fuzzers and some other specialized tests) on:
    • x86_64 and x86 with UBsan and Asan
    • x86_64 with Msan
    • ARM, AArch64, PowerPC, and PowerPC64
  • Streaming mode fuzzer with Tsan (for the zstdmt testing)
  • ZlibWrapper tests, including under valgrind
  • Versions test (ensuring zstd can decode files from all previous versions)
  • pzstd with asan and tsan, as well as in 32-bits mode
  • Testing zstd with legacy mode off
  • Testing zbuff (old streaming API)
  • Entire test suite and make install on macOS