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fix : Compression ratio regression on huge files (> 3 GB) using high levels (--ultra) and multithreading, by @terrelln
perf: Improved decompression speed: x64 : +10% (clang) / +5% (gcc); ARM : from +15% to +50%, depending on SoC, by @terrelln
perf: Automatically downsizes ZSTD_DCtx when too large for too long (#2069, by @bimbashreshta)
perf: Improved fast compression speed on aarch64 (#2040, ~+3%, by @caoyzh)
perf: Small level 1 compression speed gains (depending on compiler)
cli : New --patch-from command, create and apply patches from files, by @bimbashreshta
cli : New --filelist= : Provide a list of files to operate upon from a file
cli : -b -d command can now benchmark decompression on multiple files
cli : New --no-content-size command
cli : New --show-default-cparams information command
api : ZDICT_finalizeDictionary() is promoted to stable (#2111)
api : new experimental parameter ZSTD_d_stableOutBuffer (#2094)
build: Generate a single-file libzstd library (#2065, by @cwoffenden)
build: Relative includes no longer require -I compiler flags for zstd lib subdirs (#2103, by @felixhandte)
build: zstd now compiles cleanly under -pedantic (#2099)
build: zstd now compiles with make-4.3
build: Support mingw cross-compilation from Linux, by @Ericson2314
build: Meson multi-thread build fix on windows
build: Some misc icc fixes backed by new ci test on travis
misc: bitflip analyzer tool, by @felixhandte
misc: Extend largeNbDicts benchmark to compression
misc: Edit-distance match finder in contrib/
doc : Improved beginner docs
doc : New issue templates for zstd
perf: Improved decompression speed, by > 10%, by @terrelln
perf: Better compression speed when re-using a context, by @felixhandte
perf: Fix compression ratio when compressing large files with small dictionary, by @senhuang42
perf: zstd reference encoder can generate RLE blocks, by @bimbashrestha
perf: minor generic speed optimization, by @davidbolvansky
api: new ability to extract sequences from the parser for analysis, by @bimbashrestha
api: fixed decoding of magic-less frames, by @terrelln
api: fixed ZSTD_initCStream_advanced() performance with fast modes, reported by @QrczakMK
cli: Named pipes support, by @bimbashrestha
cli: short tar's extension support, by @stokito
cli: command --output-dir-flat= , generates target files into requested directory, by @senhuang42
cli: commands --stream-size=# and --size-hint=#, by @nmagerko
cli: command --exclude-compressed, by @shashank0791
cli: faster `-t` test mode
cli: improved some error messages, by @vangyzen
cli: fix command `-D dictionary` on Windows, reported by @artyompetrov
cli: fix rare deadlock condition within dictionary builder, by @terrelln
build: single-file decoder with emscripten compilation script, by @cwoffenden
build: fixed zlibWrapper compilation on Visual Studio, reported by @bluenlive
build: fixed deprecation warning for certain gcc version, reported by @jasonma163
build: fix compilation on old gcc versions, by @cemeyer
build: improved installation directories for cmake script, by Dmitri Shubin
pack: modified pkgconfig, for better integration into openwrt, requested by @neheb
misc: Improved documentation : ZSTD_CLEVEL, DYNAMIC_BMI2, ZSTD_CDict, function deprecation, zstd format
misc: fixed educational decoder : accept larger literals section, and removed UNALIGNED() macro
bug: Fix Dictionary Compression Ratio Regression by @cyan4973 (#1709)
bug: Fix Buffer Overflow in legacy v0.3 decompression by @felixhandte (#1722)
build: Add support for IAR C/C++ Compiler for Arm by @joseph0918 (#1705)
bug: Fix bug in zstd-0.5 decoder by @terrelln (#1696)
bug: Fix seekable decompression in-memory API by @iburinoc (#1695)
misc: Validate blocks are smaller than size limit by @vivekmg (#1685)
misc: Restructure source files by @ephiepark (#1679)
bug: Fix data corruption in niche use cases by @terrelln (#1659)
bug: Fuzz legacy modes, fix uncovered bugs by @terrelln (#1593, #1594, #1595)
bug: Fix out of bounds read by @terrelln (#1590)
perf: Improve decode speed by ~7% @mgrice (#1668)
perf: Slightly improved compression ratio of level 3 and 4 (ZSTD_dfast) by @cyan4973 (#1681)
perf: Slightly faster compression speed when re-using a context by @cyan4973 (#1658)
perf: Improve compression ratio for small windowLog by @cyan4973 (#1624)
perf: Faster compression speed in high compression mode for repetitive data by @terrelln (#1635)
api: Add parameter to generate smaller dictionaries by @tyler-tran (#1656)
cli: Recognize symlinks when built in C99 mode by @felixhandte (#1640)
cli: Expose cpu load indicator for each file on -vv mode by @ephiepark (#1631)
cli: Restrict read permissions on destination files by @chungy (#1644)
cli: zstdgrep: handle -f flag by @felixhandte (#1618)
cli: zstdcat: follow symlinks by @vejnar (#1604)
doc: Remove extra size limit on compressed blocks by @felixhandte (#1689)
doc: Fix typo by @yk-tanigawa (#1633)
doc: Improve documentation on streaming buffer sizes by @cyan4973 (#1629)
build: CMake: support building with LZ4 @leeyoung624 (#1626)
build: CMake: install zstdless and zstdgrep by @leeyoung624 (#1647)
build: CMake: respect existing uninstall target by @j301scott (#1619)
build: Make: skip multithread tests when built without support by @michaelforney (#1620)
build: Make: Fix examples/ test target by @sjnam (#1603)
build: Meson: rename options out of deprecated namespace by @lzutao (#1665)
build: Meson: fix build by @lzutao (#1602)
build: Visual Studio: don't export symbols in static lib by @scharan (#1650)
build: Visual Studio: fix linking by @absotively (#1639)
build: Fix MinGW-W64 build by @myzhang1029 (#1600)
misc: Expand decodecorpus coverage by @ephiepark (#1664)
perf: Improve level 1 compression speed in most scenarios by 6% by @gbtucker and @terrelln
api: Move the advanced API, including all functions in the staging section, to the stable section
api: Make ZSTD_e_flush and ZSTD_e_end block for maximum forward progress
api: Rename ZSTD_CCtxParam_getParameter to ZSTD_CCtxParams_getParameter
api: Rename ZSTD_CCtxParam_setParameter to ZSTD_CCtxParams_setParameter
api: Don't export ZSTDMT functions from the shared library by default
api: Require ZSTD_MULTITHREAD to be defined to use ZSTDMT
api: Add ZSTD_decompressBound() to provide an upper bound on decompressed size by @shakeelrao
api: Fix ZSTD_decompressDCtx() corner cases with a dictionary
api: Move ZSTD_getDictID_*() functions to the stable section
api: Add ZSTD_c_literalCompressionMode flag to enable or disable literal compression by @terrelln
api: Allow compression parameters to be set when a dictionary is used
api: Allow setting parameters before or after ZSTD_CCtx_loadDictionary() is called
api: Fix ZSTD_estimateCStreamSize_usingCCtxParams()
api: Setting ZSTD_d_maxWindowLog to 0 means use the default
cli: Ensure that a dictionary is not used to compress itself by @shakeelrao
cli: Add --[no-]compress-literals flag to enable or disable literal compression
doc: Update the examples to use the advanced API
doc: Explain how to transition from old streaming functions to the advanced API in the header
build: Improve the Windows release packages
build: Improve CMake build by @hjmjohnson
build: Build fixes for FreeBSD by @lwhsu
build: Remove redundant warnings by @thatsafunnyname
build: Fix tests on OpenBSD by @bket
build: Extend fuzzer build system to work with the new clang engine
build: CMake now creates the symlink
build: Improve Menson build by @lzutao
misc: Fix symbolic link detection on FreeBSD
misc: Use physical core count for -T0 on FreeBSD by @cemeyer
misc: Fix zstd --list on truncated files by @kostmo
misc: Improve logging in debug mode by @felixhandte
misc: Add CirrusCI tests by @lwhsu
misc: Optimize dictionary memory usage in corner cases
misc: Improve the dictionary builder on small or homogeneous data
misc: Fix spelling across the repo by @jsoref
perf: better decompression speed on large files (+7%) and cold dictionaries (+15%)
perf: slightly better compression ratio at high compression modes
api : finalized advanced API, last stage before "stable" status
api : new --rsyncable mode, by @terrelln
api : support decompression of empty frames into NULL (used to be an error) (#1385)
build: new set of macros to build a minimal size decoder, by @felixhandte
build: fix compilation on MIPS32, reported by @clbr (#1441)
build: fix compilation with multiple -arch flags, by @ryandesign
build: highly upgraded meson build, by @lzutao
build: improved buck support, by @obelisk
build: fix cmake script : can create debug build, by @pitrou
build: Makefile : grep works on both colored consoles and systems without color support
build: fixed zstd-pgo, by @bmwiedemann
cli : support ZSTD_CLEVEL environment variable, by @yijinfb (#1423)
cli : --no-progress flag, preserving final summary (#1371), by @terrelln
cli : ensure destination file is not source file (#1422)
cli : clearer error messages, especially when input file not present
doc : clarified, by @ulikunitz
misc: fixed zstdgrep, returns 1 on failure, by @lzutao
misc: NEWS renamed as CHANGELOG, in accordance with fboss
perf: slightly better decompression speed on clang (depending on hardware target)
fix : performance of dictionary compression for small input < 4 KB at levels 9 and 10
build: no longer build backtrace by default in release mode; restrict further automatic mode
build: control backtrace support through build macro BACKTRACE
misc: added man pages for zstdless and zstdgrep, by @samrussell
perf: much faster dictionary builder, by @jenniferliu
perf: faster dictionary compression on small data when using multiple contexts, by @felixhandte
perf: faster dictionary decompression when using a very large number of dictionaries simultaneously
cli : fix : does no longer overwrite destination when source does not exist (#1082)
cli : new command --adapt, for automatic compression level adaptation
api : fix : block api can be streamed with > 4 GB, reported by @catid
api : reduced ZSTD_DDict size by 2 KB
api : minimum negative compression level is defined, and can be queried using ZSTD_minCLevel().
build: support Haiku target, by @korli
build: Read Legacy format is limited to v0.5+ by default. Can be changed at compile time with macro ZSTD_LEGACY_SUPPORT.
doc : updated to match wording in IETF RFC 8478
misc: tests/paramgrill, a parameter optimizer, by @GeorgeLu97
perf: much faster dictionary compression, by @felixhandte
perf: small quality improvement for dictionary generation, by @terrelln
perf: slightly improved high compression levels (notably level 19)
mem : automatic memory release for long duration contexts
cli : fix : overlapLog can be manually set
cli : fix : decoding invalid lz4 frames
api : fix : performance degradation for dictionary compression when using advanced API, by @terrelln
api : change : clarify ZSTD_CCtx_reset() vs ZSTD_CCtx_resetParameters(), by @terrelln
build: select custom libzstd scope through control macros, by @GeorgeLu97
build: OpenBSD patch, by @bket
build: make and make all are compatible with -j
doc : clarify, updated for IETF RFC process
misc: pzstd compatible with reproducible compilation, by @lamby
perf: faster speed (especially decoding speed) on recent cpus (haswell+)
perf: much better performance associating --long with multi-threading, by @terrelln
perf: better compression at levels 13-15
cli : asynchronous compression by default, for faster experience (use --single-thread for former behavior)
cli : smoother status report in multi-threading mode
cli : added command --fast=#, for faster compression modes
cli : fix crash when not overwriting existing files, by Pádraig Brady (@pixelb)
api : `nbThreads` becomes `nbWorkers` : 1 triggers asynchronous mode
api : compression levels can be negative, for even more speed
api : ZSTD_getFrameProgression() : get precise progress status of ZSTDMT anytime
api : ZSTDMT can accept new compression parameters during compression
api : implemented all advanced dictionary decompression prototypes
build: improved meson recipe, by Shawn Landden (@shawnl)
build: VS2017 scripts, by @HaydnTrigg
misc: all /contrib projects fixed
misc: added /contrib/docker script by @gyscos
perf: faster zstd_opt strategy (levels 16-19)
fix : bug #944 : multithreading with shared ditionary and large data, reported by @gsliepen
cli : fix : content size written in header by default
cli : fix : improved LZ4 format support, by @felixhandte
cli : new : hidden command `-S`, to benchmark multiple files while generating one result per file
api : fix : support large skippable frames, by @terrelln
api : fix : streaming interface was adding a useless 3-bytes null block to small frames
api : change : when setting `pledgedSrcSize`, use `ZSTD_CONTENTSIZE_UNKNOWN` macro value to mean "unknown"
build: fix : compilation under rhel6 and centos6, reported by @pixelb
build: added `check` target
new : long range mode, using --long command, by Stella Lau (@stellamplau)
new : ability to generate and decode magicless frames (#591)
changed : maximum nb of threads reduced to 200, to avoid address space exhaustion in 32-bits mode
fix : multi-threading compression works with custom allocators
fix : ZSTD_sizeof_CStream() was over-evaluating memory usage
fix : a rare compression bug when compression generates very large distances and bunch of other conditions (only possible at --ultra -22)
fix : 32-bits build can now decode large offsets (levels 21+)
cli : added LZ4 frame support by default, by Felix Handte (@felixhandte)
cli : improved --list output
cli : new : can split input file for dictionary training, using command -B#
cli : new : clean operation artefact on Ctrl-C interruption
cli : fix : do not change /dev/null permissions when using command -t with root access, reported by @mike155 (#851)
cli : fix : write file size in header in multiple-files mode
api : added macro ZSTD_COMPRESSBOUND() for static allocation
api : experimental : new advanced decompression API
api : fix : sizeof_CCtx() used to over-estimate
build: fix : no-multithread variant compiles without pool.c dependency, reported by Mitchell Blank Jr (@mitchblank) (#819)
build: better compatibility with reproducible builds, by Bernhard M. Wiedemann (@bmwiedemann) (#818)
example : added streaming_memory_usage
license : changed /examples license to BSD + GPLv2
license : fix a few header files to reflect new license (#825)
New license : BSD + GPLv2
perf: substantially decreased memory usage in Multi-threading mode, thanks to reports by Tino Reichardt (@mcmilk)
perf: Multi-threading supports up to 256 threads. Cap at 256 when more are requested (#760)
cli : improved and fixed --list command, by @ib (#772)
cli : command -vV to list supported formats, by @ib (#771)
build : fixed binary variants, reported by @svenha (#788)
build : fix Visual compilation for non x86/x64 targets, reported by Greg Slazinski (@GregSlazinski) (#718)
API exp : breaking change : ZSTD_getframeHeader() provides more information
API exp : breaking change : pinned down values of error codes
doc : fixed huffman example, by Ulrich Kunitz (@ulikunitz)
new : contrib/adaptive-compression, I/O driven compression strength, by Paul Cruz (@paulcruz74)
new : contrib/long_distance_matching, statistics by Stella Lau (@stellamplau)
updated : contrib/linux-kernel, by Nick Terrell (@terrelln)
cli : new : `--list` command, by Paul Cruz
cli : changed : xz/lzma support enabled by default
cli : changed : `-t *` continue processing list after a decompression error
API : added : ZSTD_versionString()
API : promoted to stable status : ZSTD_getFrameContentSize(), by Sean Purcell
API exp : new advanced API : ZSTD_compress_generic(), ZSTD_CCtx_setParameter()
API exp : new : API for static or external allocation : ZSTD_initStatic?Ctx()
API exp : added : ZSTD_decompressBegin_usingDDict(), requested by Guy Riddle (#700)
API exp : clarified memory estimation / measurement functions.
API exp : changed : strongest strategy renamed ZSTD_btultra, fastest strategy ZSTD_fast set to 1
tools : decodecorpus can generate random dictionary-compressed samples, by Paul Cruz
new : contrib/seekable_format, demo and API, by Sean Purcell
changed : contrib/linux-kernel, updated version and license, by Nick Terrell
cli : changed : Multithreading enabled by default (use target zstd-nomt or HAVE_THREAD=0 to disable)
cli : new : command -T0 means "detect and use nb of cores", by Sean Purcell
cli : new : zstdmt symlink hardwired to `zstd -T0`
cli : new : command --threads=# (#671)
cli : changed : cover dictionary builder by default, for improved quality, by Nick Terrell
cli : new : commands --train-cover and --train-legacy, to select dictionary algorithm and parameters
cli : experimental targets `zstd4` and `xzstd4`, with support for lz4 format, by Sean Purcell
cli : fix : does not output compressed data on console
cli : fix : ignore symbolic links unless --force specified,
API : breaking change : ZSTD_createCDict_advanced(), only use compressionParameters as argument
API : added : prototypes ZSTD_*_usingCDict_advanced(), for direct control over frameParameters.
API : improved: ZSTDMT_compressCCtx() reduced memory usage
API : fix : ZSTDMT_compressCCtx() now provides srcSize in header (#634)
API : fix : src size stored in frame header is controlled at end of frame
API : fix : enforced consistent rules for pledgedSrcSize==0 (#641)
API : fix : error code "GENERIC" replaced by "dstSizeTooSmall" when appropriate
build: improved cmake script, by @Majlen
build: enabled Multi-threading support for *BSD, by Baptiste Daroussin
tools: updated Paramgrill. Command -O# provides best parameters for sample and speed target.
new : contrib/linux-kernel version, by Nick Terrell
cli : new : can compress in *.gz format, using --format=gzip command, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
cli : new : advanced benchmark command --priority=rt
cli : fix : write on sparse-enabled file systems in 32-bits mode, by @ds77
cli : fix : --rm remains silent when input is stdin
cli : experimental : xzstd, with support for xz/lzma decoding, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
speed : improved decompression speed in streaming mode for single shot scenarios (+5%)
memory: DDict (decompression dictionary) memory usage down from 150 KB to 20 KB
arch: 32-bits variant able to generate and decode very long matches (>32 MB), by Sean Purcell
API : new : ZSTD_findFrameCompressedSize(), ZSTD_getFrameContentSize(), ZSTD_findDecompressedSize()
API : changed : dropped support of legacy versions <= v0.3 (can be changed by modifying ZSTD_LEGACY_SUPPORT value)
build : new: meson build system in contrib/meson, by Dima Krasner
build : improved cmake script, by @Majlen
build : added -Wformat-security flag, as recommended by Padraig Brady
doc : new : educational decoder, by Sean Purcell
cli : zstd can decompress .gz files (can be disabled with `make zstd-nogz` or `make HAVE_ZLIB=0`)
cli : new : experimental target `make zstdmt`, with multi-threading support
cli : new : improved dictionary builder "cover" (experimental), by Nick Terrell, based on prior work by Giuseppe Ottaviano.
cli : new : advanced commands for detailed parameters, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
cli : fix zstdless on Mac OS-X, by Andrew Janke
cli : fix #232 "compress non-files"
dictBuilder : improved dictionary generation quality, thanks to Nick Terrell
API : new : lib/compress/ZSTDMT_compress.h multithreading API (experimental)
API : new : ZSTD_create?Dict_byReference(), requested by Bartosz Taudul
API : new : ZDICT_finalizeDictionary()
API : fix : ZSTD_initCStream_usingCDict() properly writes dictID into frame header, by Gregory Szorc (#511)
API : fix : all symbols properly exposed in libzstd, by Nick Terrell
build : support for Solaris target, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
doc : clarified specification, by Sean Purcell
API : streaming : decompression : changed : automatic implicit reset when chain-decoding new frames without init
API : experimental : added : dictID retrieval functions, and ZSTD_initCStream_srcSize()
API : zbuff : changed : prototypes now generate deprecation warnings
lib : improved : faster decompression speed at ultra compression settings and 32-bits mode
lib : changed : only public ZSTD_ symbols are now exposed
lib : changed : reduced usage of stack memory
lib : fixed : several corner case bugs, by Nick Terrell
cli : new : gzstd, experimental version able to decode .gz files, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
cli : new : preserve file attributes
cli : new : added zstdless and zstdgrep tools
cli : fixed : status displays total amount decoded, even for file consisting of multiple frames (like pzstd)
cli : fixed : zstdcat
zlib_wrapper : added support for gz* functions, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
install : better compatibility with FreeBSD, by Dimitry Andric
source tree : changed : zbuff source files moved to lib/deprecated
New : command -M#, --memory=, --memlimit=, --memlimit-decompress= to limit allowed memory consumption
New : doc/zstd_manual.html, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
Improved : slightly better compression ratio at --ultra levels (>= 20)
Improved : better memory usage when using streaming compression API, thanks to @Rogier-5 report
Added : API : ZSTD_initCStream_usingCDict(), ZSTD_initDStream_usingDDict() (experimental section)
Added : example/multiple_streaming_compression.c
Changed : zstd_errors.h is now installed within /include (and replaces errors_public.h)
Updated man page
Fixed : zstd-small, zstd-compress and zstd-decompress compilation targets
New : contrib/pzstd, parallel version of zstd, by Nick Terrell
added : NetBSD install target (#338)
Improved : speed for batches of small files
Improved : speed of zlib wrapper, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
Changed : libzstd on Windows supports legacy formats, by Christophe Chevalier
Fixed : CLI -d output to stdout by default when input is stdin (#322)
Fixed : CLI correctly detects console on Mac OS-X
Fixed : CLI supports recursive mode `-r` on Mac OS-X
Fixed : Legacy decoders use unified error codes, reported by benrg (#341), fixed by Przemyslaw Skibinski
Fixed : compatibility with OpenBSD, reported by Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado (#319)
Fixed : compatibility with Hurd, by Przemyslaw Skibinski (#365)
Fixed : zstd-pgo, reported by octoploid (#329)
Change Licensing, all project is now BSD, Copyright Facebook
Small decompression speed improvement
API : Streaming API supports legacy format
API : ZDICT_getDictID(), ZSTD_sizeof_{CCtx, DCtx, CStream, DStream}(), ZSTD_setDStreamParameter()
CLI supports legacy formats v0.4+
Fixed : compression fails on certain huge files, reported by Jesse McGrew
Enhanced documentation, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
New streaming API
Changed : --ultra now enables levels beyond 19
Changed : -i# now selects benchmark time in second
Fixed : ZSTD_compress* can now compress > 4 GB in a single pass, reported by Nick Terrell
Fixed : speed regression on specific patterns (#272)
Fixed : support for Z_SYNC_FLUSH, by Dmitry Krot (#291)
Fixed : ICC compilation, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
Improved : better speed on clang and gcc -O2, thanks to Eric Biggers
New : Build on FreeBSD and DragonFly, thanks to JrMarino
Changed : modified API : ZSTD_compressEnd()
Fixed : legacy mode with ZSTD_HEAPMODE=0, by Christopher Bergqvist
Fixed : premature end of frame when zero-sized raw block, reported by Eric Biggers
Fixed : large dictionaries (> 384 KB), reported by Ilona Papava
Fixed : checksum correctly checked in single-pass mode
Fixed : combined --test amd --rm, reported by Andreas M. Nilsson
Modified : minor compression level adaptations
Updated : compression format specification to v0.2.0
changed : zstd.h moved to /lib directory
Transition version, supporting decoding of v0.8.x
Added : homebrew for Mac, by Daniel Cade
Added : more examples
Fixed : segfault when using small dictionaries, reported by Felix Handte
Modified : default compression level for CLI is now 3
Updated : specification, to v0.1.1
New : compression format specification
New : `--` separator, stating that all following arguments are file names. Suggested by Chip Turner.
New : `ZSTD_getDecompressedSize()`
New : OpenBSD target, by Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado
New : `examples` directory
fixed : dictBuilder using HC levels, reported by Bartosz Taudul
fixed : legacy support from ZSTD_decompress_usingDDict(), reported by Felix Handte
fixed : multi-blocks decoding with intermediate uncompressed blocks, reported by Greg Slazinski
modified : removed "mem.h" and "error_public.h" dependencies from "zstd.h" (experimental section)
modified : legacy functions no longer need magic number
fixed : ZSTD_decompressBlock() using multiple consecutive blocks. Reported by Greg Slazinski.
fixed : potential segfault on very large files (many gigabytes). Reported by Chip Turner.
fixed : CLI displays system error message when destination file cannot be created (#231). Reported by Chip Turner.
fixed : ZBUFF_compressEnd() called multiple times with too small `dst` buffer, reported by Christophe Chevalier
fixed : dictBuilder fails if first sample is too small, reported by Руслан Ковалёв
fixed : corruption issue, reported by cj
modified : checksum enabled by default in command line mode
New : Support for directory compression, using `-r`, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
New : Command `--rm`, to remove source file after successful de/compression
New : Visual build scripts, by Christophe Chevalier
New : Support for Sparse File-systems (do not use space for zero-filled sectors)
New : Frame checksum support
New : Support pass-through mode (when using `-df`)
API : more efficient Dictionary API : `ZSTD_compress_usingCDict()`, `ZSTD_decompress_usingDDict()`
API : create dictionary files from custom content, by Giuseppe Ottaviano
API : support for custom malloc/free functions
New : controllable Dictionary ID
New : Support for skippable frames
New : zlib wrapper API, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
New : Ability to compile compressor / decompressor separately
Changed : new lib directory structure
Fixed : Legacy codec v0.5 compatible with dictionary decompression
Fixed : Decoder corruption error (#173)
Fixed : null-string roundtrip (#176)
New : benchmark mode can select directory as input
Experimental : midipix support, VMS support
Stronger high compression modes, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
API : ZSTD_getFrameParams() provides size of decompressed content
New : highest compression modes require `--ultra` command to fully unleash their capacity
Fixed : zstd cli return error code > 0 and removes dst file artifact when decompression fails, thanks to Chip Turner
New : Optimal parsing => Very high compression modes, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
Changed : Dictionary builder integrated into libzstd and zstd cli
Changed (!) : zstd cli now uses "multiple input files" as default mode. See `zstd -h`.
Fix : high compression modes for big-endian platforms
New : zstd cli : `-t` | `--test` command
New : dictionary builder utility
Changed : streaming & dictionary API
Improved : better compression of small data
Improved : small compression speed improvement in HC mode
Changed : `zstd_decompress.c` has ZSTD_LEGACY_SUPPORT to 0 by default
fix : bt search bug
fix : fast compression mode on Windows
New : cmake configuration file, thanks to Artyom Dymchenko
Improved : high compression mode on repetitive data
New : block-level API
New : ZSTD_duplicateCCtx()
new : -m/--multiple : compress/decompress multiple files
Fixed : high compression modes for Windows 32 bits
new : external dictionary API extended to buffered mode and accessible through command line
new : windows DLL project, thanks to Christophe Chevalier
v0.4.3 :
new : external dictionary API
new : zstd-frugal
v0.4.2 :
Generic minor improvements for small blocks
Fixed : big-endian compatibility, by Peter Harris (#85)
Fixed : ZSTD_LEGACY_SUPPORT=0 build mode (reported by Luben)
removed `zstd.c`
Command line utility compatible with high compression levels
Removed zstdhc => merged into zstd
Added : ZBUFF API (see zstd_buffered.h)
Rolling buffer support
small blocks params
minor generic compression improvements
Faster fast cLevels
Small compression ratio improvement
Fixed Visual Studio
v0.3.1 :
Small compression ratio improvement
HC mode : compression levels 2-26
Fix : Visual Studio 2013 & 2015 release compilation, by Christophe Chevalier
Fix : Read errors, advanced fuzzer tests, by Hanno Böck
**Breaking format change**
Faster decompression speed
Can still decode v0.1 format
fix uninitialization warning, reported by Evan Nemerson
frame concatenation support
fix compression bug
detects write-flush errors
first release