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cc_defaults {
name: "libz_defaults",
cflags: [
stl: "none",
export_include_dirs: ["."],
srcs: [
arch: {
arm: {
// measurements show that the ARM version of ZLib is about x1.17 faster
// than the thumb one...
// TODO: re-test with zlib_bench after SIMD is enabled.
instruction_set: "arm",
// TODO: This is to work around b/24465209. Remove after root cause
// is fixed.
pack_relocations: false,
ldflags: ["-Wl,--hash-style=both"],
cc_library {
name: "libz",
defaults: ["libz_defaults"],
host_supported: true,
unique_host_soname: true,
static_ndk_lib: true,
vendor_available: true,
vndk: {
enabled: true,
support_system_process: true,
ramdisk_available: true,
recovery_available: true,
native_bridge_supported: true,
target: {
linux_bionic: {
enabled: true,
windows: {
enabled: true,
cc_library_static {
name: "libz_current",
defaults: ["libz_defaults"],
sdk_version: "current",
cc_binary_host {
name: "minigzip",
srcs: ["contrib/minigzip/minigzip.c"],
cflags: ["-Wall", "-Werror", "-DUSE_MMAP"],
static_libs: ["libz"],
stl: "none",
cc_binary {
name: "zlib_bench",
srcs: ["contrib/bench/"],
cflags: ["-Wall", "-Werror"],
host_supported: true,
shared_libs: ["libz"],
// This module is defined in development/ndk/Android.bp. Updating these headers
// to be usable for any API level is going to be some work (at the very least,
// there's a ZLIB_VERNUM that will need to be handled since early versions of
// Android did not have all the APIs that calling code will use if this is set
// to the current value.
// The NDK never updated the zlib headers when the platform updated, so until we
// solve this the NDK will continue shipping the old headers.
// ndk_headers {
// name: "libz_headers",
// from: "src",
// to: "",
// srcs: [
// "src/zconf.h",
// "src/zlib.h",
// ],
// license: "NOTICE",
// }
ndk_library {
name: "libz",
symbol_file: "",
first_version: "9",
unversioned_until: "current",