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// XmlRpc++ Copyright (c) 2002-2003 by Chris Morley
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
# pragma warning(disable:4786) // identifier was truncated in debug info
# include <string>
namespace XmlRpc {
//! A platform-independent socket API.
class XmlRpcSocket {
//! Creates a stream (TCP) socket. Returns -1 on failure.
static int socket();
//! Closes a socket.
static void close(int socket);
//! Sets a stream (TCP) socket to perform non-blocking IO. Returns false on failure.
static bool setNonBlocking(int socket);
//! Read text from the specified socket. Returns false on error.
static bool nbRead(int socket, std::string& s, bool *eof);
//! Write text to the specified socket. Returns false on error.
static bool nbWrite(int socket, std::string& s, int *bytesSoFar);
// The next four methods are appropriate for servers.
//! Allow the port the specified socket is bound to to be re-bound immediately so
//! server re-starts are not delayed. Returns false on failure.
static bool setReuseAddr(int socket);
//! Bind to a specified port
static bool bind(int socket, int port);
//! Set socket in listen mode
static bool listen(int socket, int backlog);
//! Accept a client connection request
static int accept(int socket);
//! Connect a socket to a server (from a client)
static bool connect(int socket, std::string& host, int port);
//! Returns last errno
static int getError();
//! Returns message corresponding to last error
static std::string getErrorMsg();
//! Returns message corresponding to error
static std::string getErrorMsg(int error);
} // namespace XmlRpc