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// XmlRpc++ Copyright (c) 2002-2003 by Chris Morley
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
# pragma warning(disable:4786) // identifier was truncated in debug info
# include <string>
namespace XmlRpc {
// Representation of a parameter or result value
class XmlRpcValue;
// The XmlRpcServer processes client requests to call RPCs
class XmlRpcServer;
//! Abstract class representing a single RPC method
class XmlRpcServerMethod {
//! Constructor
XmlRpcServerMethod(std::string const& name, XmlRpcServer* server = 0);
//! Destructor
virtual ~XmlRpcServerMethod();
//! Returns the name of the method
std::string& name() { return _name; }
//! Execute the method. Subclasses must provide a definition for this method.
virtual void execute(XmlRpcValue& params, XmlRpcValue& result) = 0;
//! Returns a help string for the method.
//! Subclasses should define this method if introspection is being used.
virtual std::string help() { return std::string(); }
std::string _name;
XmlRpcServer* _server;
} // namespace XmlRpc