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// XmlRpc++ Copyright (c) 2002-2003 by Chris Morley
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
# pragma warning(disable:4786) // identifier was truncated in debug info
# include <string>
#include "XmlRpcValue.h"
#include "XmlRpcSource.h"
namespace XmlRpc {
// The server waits for client connections and provides methods
class XmlRpcServer;
class XmlRpcServerMethod;
//! A class to handle XML RPC requests from a particular client
class XmlRpcServerConnection : public XmlRpcSource {
// Static data
static const char METHODNAME_TAG[];
static const char PARAMS_TAG[];
static const char PARAMS_ETAG[];
static const char PARAM_TAG[];
static const char PARAM_ETAG[];
static const std::string SYSTEM_MULTICALL;
static const std::string METHODNAME;
static const std::string PARAMS;
static const std::string FAULTCODE;
static const std::string FAULTSTRING;
//! Constructor
XmlRpcServerConnection(int fd, XmlRpcServer* server, bool deleteOnClose = false);
//! Destructor
virtual ~XmlRpcServerConnection();
// XmlRpcSource interface implementation
//! Handle IO on the client connection socket.
//! @param eventType Type of IO event that occurred. @see XmlRpcDispatch::EventType.
virtual unsigned handleEvent(unsigned eventType);
bool readHeader();
bool readRequest();
bool writeResponse();
// Parses the request, runs the method, generates the response xml.
virtual void executeRequest();
// Parse the methodName and parameters from the request.
std::string parseRequest(XmlRpcValue& params);
// Execute a named method with the specified params.
bool executeMethod(const std::string& methodName, XmlRpcValue& params, XmlRpcValue& result);
// Execute multiple calls and return the results in an array.
bool executeMulticall(const std::string& methodName, XmlRpcValue& params, XmlRpcValue& result);
// Construct a response from the result XML.
void generateResponse(std::string const& resultXml);
void generateFaultResponse(std::string const& msg, int errorCode = -1);
std::string generateHeader(std::string const& body);
// The XmlRpc server that accepted this connection
XmlRpcServer* _server;
// Possible IO states for the connection
ServerConnectionState _connectionState;
// Request headers
std::string _header;
// Number of bytes expected in the request body (parsed from header)
int _contentLength;
// Request body
std::string _request;
// Response
std::string _response;
// Number of bytes of the response written so far
int _bytesWritten;
// Whether to keep the current client connection open for further requests
bool _keepAlive;
} // namespace XmlRpc