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// XmlRpc++ Copyright (c) 2002-2003 by Chris Morley
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
# pragma warning(disable:4786) // identifier was truncated in debug info
# include <map>
# include <string>
#include "XmlRpcDispatch.h"
#include "XmlRpcSource.h"
namespace XmlRpc {
// An abstract class supporting XML RPC methods
class XmlRpcServerMethod;
// Class representing connections to specific clients
class XmlRpcServerConnection;
// Class representing argument and result values
class XmlRpcValue;
//! A class to handle XML RPC requests
class XmlRpcServer : public XmlRpcSource {
//! Create a server object.
//! Destructor.
virtual ~XmlRpcServer();
//! Specify whether introspection is enabled or not. Default is not enabled.
void enableIntrospection(bool enabled=true);
//! Add a command to the RPC server
void addMethod(XmlRpcServerMethod* method);
//! Remove a command from the RPC server
void removeMethod(XmlRpcServerMethod* method);
//! Remove a command from the RPC server by name
void removeMethod(const std::string& methodName);
//! Look up a method by name
XmlRpcServerMethod* findMethod(const std::string& name) const;
//! Create a socket, bind to the specified port, and
//! set it in listen mode to make it available for clients.
bool bindAndListen(int port, int backlog = 5);
//! Process client requests for the specified time
void work(double msTime);
//! Temporarily stop processing client requests and exit the work() method.
void exit();
//! Close all connections with clients and the socket file descriptor
void shutdown();
//! Introspection support
void listMethods(XmlRpcValue& result);
// XmlRpcSource interface implementation
//! Handle client connection requests
virtual unsigned handleEvent(unsigned eventType);
//! Remove a connection from the dispatcher
virtual void removeConnection(XmlRpcServerConnection*);
//! Accept a client connection request
virtual void acceptConnection();
//! Create a new connection object for processing requests from a specific client.
virtual XmlRpcServerConnection* createConnection(int socket);
// Whether the introspection API is supported by this server
bool _introspectionEnabled;
// Event dispatcher
XmlRpcDispatch _disp;
// Collection of methods. This could be a set keyed on method name if we wanted...
typedef std::map< std::string, XmlRpcServerMethod* > MethodMap;
MethodMap _methods;
// system methods
XmlRpcServerMethod* _listMethods;
XmlRpcServerMethod* _methodHelp;
} // namespace XmlRpc