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// XmlRpc++ Copyright (c) 2002-2003 by Chris Morley
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
# pragma warning(disable:4786) // identifier was truncated in debug info
# include <list>
namespace XmlRpc {
// An RPC source represents a file descriptor to monitor
class XmlRpcSource;
//! An object which monitors file descriptors for events and performs
//! callbacks when interesting events happen.
class XmlRpcDispatch {
//! Constructor
//! Values indicating the type of events a source is interested in
enum EventType {
ReadableEvent = 1, //!< data available to read
WritableEvent = 2, //!< connected/data can be written without blocking
Exception = 4 //!< uh oh
//! Monitor this source for the event types specified by the event mask
//! and call its event handler when any of the events occur.
//! @param source The source to monitor
//! @param eventMask Which event types to watch for. \see EventType
void addSource(XmlRpcSource* source, unsigned eventMask);
//! Stop monitoring this source.
//! @param source The source to stop monitoring
void removeSource(XmlRpcSource* source);
//! Modify the types of events to watch for on this source
void setSourceEvents(XmlRpcSource* source, unsigned eventMask);
//! Watch current set of sources and process events for the specified
//! duration (in ms, -1 implies wait forever, or until exit is called)
void work(double msTime);
//! Exit from work routine
void exit();
//! Clear all sources from the monitored sources list. Sources are closed.
void clear();
// helper
double getTime();
// A source to monitor and what to monitor it for
struct MonitoredSource {
MonitoredSource(XmlRpcSource* src, unsigned mask) : _src(src), _mask(mask) {}
XmlRpcSource* getSource() const { return _src; }
unsigned& getMask() { return _mask; }
XmlRpcSource* _src;
unsigned _mask;
// A list of sources to monitor
typedef std::list< MonitoredSource > SourceList;
// Sources being monitored
SourceList _sources;
// When work should stop (-1 implies wait forever, or until exit is called)
double _endTime;
bool _doClear;
bool _inWork;
} // namespace XmlRpc