Revert Revert "wpa_supplicant(hidl): Set 'ieee80211w' when PMF required"

This commit reverts I4e72f720eeb311e039c94c5a67ecb49d92969741.

Reason for revert: Wifi connection fails when AP advertize PMF required.
This is bringing back Change id Ie5efcb41bbdd4d88ae28d9665d5fc621535dabbe.
Global opt 'pmf' determines whether to enable/require PMF by default.
This can be overwrite by the per-network opt 'ieee80211w'.

Now hidl always sets 'ieee80211w' to 'disabled' or 'PMF required',
which makes the global opt 'pmf' not take effect.

Change hidl to set 'ieee80211w' only when PMF required, and in other
cases, PMF is determined by global opt 'pmf'

The IOT issue faced with Ie5efcb41bbdd4d88ae28d9665d5fc621535dabbe is
solved through supplicant workaround
which ignores the IGTK configuration errors due to wrong IGTK keyidx.

Bug: 131267738, 140372352
Test: Regression test
Change-Id: I4c120e1f094a7b039837779f58d15cfc7f68d697
Merged-In: I4c120e1f094a7b039837779f58d15cfc7f68d697
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