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To do:
- hostap: try other roaming modes
NOTE: current mode (manual roaming) does not really roam at all..
Firmware did not notice the current AP disappearing..
- add support for WPA with ap_scan=0 (update selected cipher etc. based on
AssocInfo; make sure these match with configuration)
- optional security separation (build time option): run EAPOL state machines
as non-root (need to add something like socketpair between privileged root
process and non-root handler; send EAPOL packets between processes
and send keying data from non-root -> privileged)
EAPOL-Key processing (WPA & WEP keys) could be in privileged part
at least in the beginning; some parts might end up being moved to
non-root part eventually
- consider closing smart card / PCSC connection when EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA
authentication has been completed (cache scard data based on serial#(?)
and try to optimize next connection if the same card is present for next
- on disconnect event, could try to associate with another AP if one is
present in scan results; would need to update scan results periodically..
- if driver/hw is not WPA2 capable, must remove WPA_PROTO_RSN flag from
ssid->proto fields to avoid detecting downgrade attacks when the driver
is not reporting RSN IE, but msg 3/4 has one
- Cisco AP and non-zero keyidx for unicast -> map to broadcast
(actually, this already works with driver_ndis; so maybe just change
driver_*.c to do the mapping for drivers that cannot handle non-zero keyidx
for unicast); worked also with Host AP driver and madwifi
- IEEE 802.1X and key update with driver_ndis?? wpa_supplicant did not seem
to see unencrypted EAPOL-Key frames at all..
- EAP (RFC 3748)
* OTP Extended Responses (Sect. 5.5)
- test what happens if authenticator sends EAP-Success before real EAP
authentication ("canned" Success); this should be ignored based on
RFC 3748 Sect. 4.2
- test compilation with gcc -W options (more warnings?)
(Done once; number of unused function arguments still present)
- add proper support for using dot11RSNAConfigSATimeout
- ctrl_iface: get/set/remove blob
- use doc/docbook/*.sgml and docbook2{txt,html,pdf} to replace README and
web pages including the same information.. i.e., have this information only
in one page; how to build a PDF file with all the SGML included?
- test wait-for-interface and daemonize combinations with number of driver
* 'test' worked with WPA-PSK
- EAP-POTP/RSA SecurID profile (draft-nystrom-eap-potp-03.txt)
- document wpa_gui build and consider adding it to 'make install'
- test madwifi with pairwise=TKIP group=WEP104
- possibility to link in WPA Authenticator state machine to wpa_supplicant
(new STAKey handshake, WPA2 IBSS)
- consider merging hostapd and wpa_supplicant PMKSA cache implementations
- add support for configuring password for MSCHAPv2 as NtPasswordHash in
the same way as was added to hostapd (hash:<hex value>)
- test_driver: configure directory and create AP-<mac> and STA-<mac> files
there to allow scanning multiple APs (e.g., for testing pre-auth and PMKSA
caching testing) and to exchange STA-STA EAPOL frames
- consider adding generic buffer functionality that could be used in number
of places
* allocate buffer (with default max size), allow reserving head room to
make it possible to add a header without having to reallocate buffer
* reallocate buffer (add head and/or tail room)
* ref count and free when count=0 ?
* add data (to tail): re-alloc more tailroom if needed and copy new data
* error flag so that caller can do multiple add()s and only in the end
check whether something has failed; this should make error handling
- consider redesigning pending EAP requests (identity/password/otp from
ctrl_iface) by moving the retrying of the previous request into EAP
state machine so that EAPOL state machine is not needed for this
- rfc4284.txt (network selection for eap)
- www pages about configuring wpa_supplicant:
* global options (ap_scan, ctrl_interfaces) based on OS/driver
* network block
* key_mgmt selection
* WPA parameters
* EAP options (one page for each method)
* "configuration wizard" (step 1: select OS, step 2: select driver, ...) to
generate example configuration
- error path in rsn_preauth_init: should probably deinit l2_packet handlers
if something fails; does something else need deinit?
- consider moving SIM card functionality (IMSI fetching) away from eap.c;
this should likely happen before EAP is initialized for authentication;
now IMSI is read only after receiving EAP-Identity/Request, but since it is
really needed for all cases, reading IMSI and generating Identity string
could very well be done before EAP has been started
- test all allowed EAP Phase 2 methods (i.e., anything else than PEAP, TTLS,
FAST): SIM AKA PAX PSK LEAP; if these work, include in eap_testing.txt; if
not, either fix or make eap_allowed_phase2_type reject
- try to work around race in receiving association event and first EAPOL
- helper function to do memcmp(addr, "\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00", ETH_ALEN)
- add wpa_secure_memzero() macro and secure implementation (volatile u8*) to
clear memory; this would be used to clear temporary buffers containing
private data (e.g., keys); the macro can be defined to NOP in order to save
space (i.e., no code should depend on the macro doing something)
- make sure that TLS session cache is not shared between EAP types or if it
is, that the cache entries are bound to only one EAP type; e.g., cache entry
created with EAP-TLS must not be allowed to do fast re-auth with EAP-TTLS
- consider moving eap_tls_build_ack() call into eap_tls_process_helper()
(it seems to be called always if helper returns 1)
* could need to modify eap_{ttls,peap,fast}_decrypt to do same
- add support for fetching full user cert chain from Windows certificate
stores even when there are intermediate CA certs that are not in the
configured ca_cert store (e.g., ROOT) (they could be, e.g., in CA store)
0.6.x branch:
- clean up common.[ch]
- change TLS/crypto library interface to use a structure of function
pointers and helper inline functions (like driver_ops) instead of
requiring every TLS wrapper to implement all functions
- move from CVS to git (0.3.x, 0.4.x, 0.5.x releases will continue
to be updated only on CVS)
- move files into subdirectories and combine wpa_supplicant and hostapd
into a repository that matches in directory structure with the release
(subdirs: eap_common, eap_peer, eap_server, driver, driver_ap, ...)
- make it clearer that EAP server/peer can be used as a separate library
for other programs
- add support for encrypted configuration fields (e.g., password, psk,
passphrase, pin)
- wpa_gui: add support for setting and showing priority, id_str, auth_alg
(open/shared for static WEP)