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* wpa_supplicant: TLSv1 client (RFC 2246)
* Copyright (c) 2006, Jouni Malinen <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* Alternatively, this software may be distributed under the terms of BSD
* license.
* See README and COPYING for more details.
#ifndef TLSV1_CLIENT_H
#define TLSV1_CLIENT_H
struct tlsv1_client;
int tlsv1_client_global_init(void);
void tlsv1_client_global_deinit(void);
struct tlsv1_client * tlsv1_client_init(void);
void tlsv1_client_deinit(struct tlsv1_client *conn);
int tlsv1_client_established(struct tlsv1_client *conn);
int tlsv1_client_prf(struct tlsv1_client *conn, const char *label,
int server_random_first, u8 *out, size_t out_len);
u8 * tlsv1_client_handshake(struct tlsv1_client *conn,
const u8 *in_data, size_t in_len,
size_t *out_len);
int tlsv1_client_encrypt(struct tlsv1_client *conn,
const u8 *in_data, size_t in_len,
u8 *out_data, size_t out_len);
int tlsv1_client_decrypt(struct tlsv1_client *conn,
const u8 *in_data, size_t in_len,
u8 *out_data, size_t out_len);
int tlsv1_client_get_cipher(struct tlsv1_client *conn, char *buf,
size_t buflen);
int tlsv1_client_shutdown(struct tlsv1_client *conn);
int tlsv1_client_resumed(struct tlsv1_client *conn);
int tlsv1_client_hello_ext(struct tlsv1_client *conn, int ext_type,
const u8 *data, size_t data_len);
int tlsv1_client_get_keys(struct tlsv1_client *conn, struct tls_keys *keys);
int tlsv1_client_set_master_key(struct tlsv1_client *conn,
const u8 *key, size_t key_len);
int tlsv1_client_get_keyblock_size(struct tlsv1_client *conn);
int tlsv1_client_set_cipher_list(struct tlsv1_client *conn, u8 *ciphers);
int tlsv1_client_set_ca_cert(struct tlsv1_client *conn, const char *cert,
const u8 *cert_blob, size_t cert_blob_len,
const char *path);
int tlsv1_client_set_client_cert(struct tlsv1_client *conn, const char *cert,
const u8 *cert_blob, size_t cert_blob_len);
int tlsv1_client_set_private_key(struct tlsv1_client *conn,
const char *private_key,
const char *private_key_passwd,
const u8 *private_key_blob,
size_t private_key_blob_len);
#endif /* TLSV1_CLIENT_H */