CaptureManager: Don't stop a capturer at UnregisterVideoCapturer if it did not start in the first place.

This fixes a bug where, if the VideoCapturer failed to start under certain circumstances, the capture manager would cause a callback saying that the capturer stopped even though it never started in the first place. A VERIFY check in VideoSource::SetState would then cause a crash since the state was set to kEnded when it was already in state kEnded (SetState only allows being called when the state changes).

I only noticed this bug while doing a mistake in a separate CL. Not sure how to reliably reproduce said bug on a working build, but I have previously had camera hardware issues where it couldn't start the camera which resulted in the SetState kEnded -> kEnded crash. Hopefully this will fix that.

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Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#9259}
diff --git a/talk/media/base/ b/talk/media/base/
index 9561218..d3b3f82 100644
--- a/talk/media/base/
+++ b/talk/media/base/
@@ -375,8 +375,10 @@
   // for the CaptureManager it doesn't matter as it will no longer receive any
   // frames from the VideoCapturer.
-  video_capturer->Stop();
-  SignalCapturerStateChange(video_capturer, CS_STOPPED);
+  if (video_capturer->IsRunning()) {
+    video_capturer->Stop();
+    SignalCapturerStateChange(video_capturer, CS_STOPPED);
+  }
 bool CaptureManager::StartWithBestCaptureFormat(