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 This directory contains an example Android client for 
-- Make sure gclient is checking out tools necessary to target Android: your
-  .gclient file should contain a line like:
-  target_os = ['android', 'unix']
-  Make sure to re-run gclient sync after adding this to download the tools.
-- Env vars need to be set up to target Android; easiest way to do this is to run
-  (from the libjingle trunk directory):
-  . ./build/android/
-  Note that this clobbers any previously-set $GYP_DEFINES so it must be done
-  before the next item.
+- "Android Specific Steps" on
 - Set up webrtc-related GYP variables:
   export GYP_DEFINES="build_with_libjingle=1 build_with_chromium=0 libjingle_java=1 $GYP_DEFINES"
-  export JAVA_HOME=</path/to/JDK>
-  export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
   To cause WEBRTC_LOGGING to emit to Android's logcat, add enable_tracing=1 to
   the $GYP_DEFINES above.
 - When targeting both desktop & android, make sure to use a different output_dir