About external/wayland

What this is.

This Android repository contains minimally modified snapshots of official release of the core Wayland system code, and its core protocol. It is configured to easily build for use in Android projects.

Official home page: https://wayland.freedesktop.org

Official source code home: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/wayland.git

Changes from the official version

Android Open Source Metadata

These files should always be present.

  • ./LICENSE (symlinks to COPYING)

Note that ./METADATA should be updated with the latest version and time imported. If using import_official_snapshot.py, this will be updated by the script automatically.

For further details about these files, refer to https://opensource.google/docs/thirdparty/android#how-to-add-new-third-party-code-to-android

Android Build Files

These files are NOT in the official source code, and have been added to make it usable in Android. These should always be present, according to the current open source rules, and are not really functional changes.

  • ./Android.bp

    The Android Soong blueprint file which builds the libraries.

  • ./config.h

    A fixed config.h to use in all Android builds, defining C preprocessor macros for features generally available on the Android platform.

  • ./import_official_snapshot.py

    A helper Python script useful to import updated official versions of the source code, while still preserving all needed Android changes. See below for usage.

  • ./wayland-version.h

    A static expansion of src/wayland-version.h.in for the current Wayland version here. If using ./import_official_snapshot.py, this will be updated by the script automatically.

  • ./OWNERS

    The list of OWNERS for the code here.

  • ./PREUPLOAD.cfg

    A repo preupload hook. Mostly just exists to strongly recommend making changes in the AOSP master branch.

  • ./README.android.md

    This document, describing the differences from the official sources, and giving instructions for upgrading.

Additional patches for Android

These are any additional changes to the Wayland core sources that might be helpful for use with the Android platform.

These differences are stored in ./patches/, and are expected to cleanly apply to the current version of Wayland used here.

Importing a new snapshot

./import_official_snapshot.py can be used to automate the work of pulling in an updated snapshot. Its only dependencies are a standard Python3 installation, along with command-line git.


./import_official_snapshot.py <version-tag>

For example, to import the “1.18.0” version tag from the official sources:

./import_official_snapshot.py 1.18.0

The script will create a new branch based on your current checkout, and commit a series of changes to it:

  • An inital empty commit with a simple import message.

  • A commit removing all existing files, and adding in a clean import of the CURRENT version from the official sources.

  • A commit adding (back) the various required Android files

  • Additional commits for each patch in ./patches/

The script will then validate that there are no differences between the branch start (committed code) and a cleanly-patched import of the current version. If there is a difference, it should mean that there is some patch to the code not in ./patches.

Assuming success, the script will continue commiting to the branch:

  • A commit removing all existing files, and adding in a clean import of the NEW version from the official sources.

  • A commit adding (back) the various required Android files, including updating ./METADATA and ./wayland-version.h.

  • A commit for each patch in ./patches/, if there are any.

If there were no problems needing manual intervention, the script will then execute a final git rebase -i --autosquash to squash the CL into a single commit for upload review. Otherwise, you should do that squash it to a single commit yourself.

There may be failures in applying the patches if there are conflicts, in which case they need to be resolved before squashing. Please update the files in ./patches/ with the new patches.

Additionally, there may be additional changes needed to ./Android.bp for the client and server libraries to build.

Adding new patches

Please maintain the list of patch files in ./patches against the current version of Wayland if you make any changes to the official sources.

With no arguments, ./import_official_snapshot.py will do a clean import of the current version, and apply the current list of patches WITHOUT squashing the commits involved.

You can then make the changes to the sources, and do a clean reexport of the patch files for the last N commits.

# Remove the current patch files
git rm patches/*

# Export the last five commits as patches. You should adjust this number.
git format-patch HEAD~5 --no-stat --numbered --zero-commit --no-signature \
    --suffix=.diff --output-directory patches/

Create a new commit that adds those same patches, and squash all the commits together. You should end up with a commit that makes the changes as well as adds the patch file.

If you want, you can then run ./import_official_snapshot.py again to validate that your patch will be applied. If there is a difference, it will be reported.