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Last updated 15 Nov 04
Critical (correctness)
x86 isel: should free up all fp reg tags when calling a helper.
And save FP and SSE insns across the helper.
iropt: reconsider precise exceptions
x86 guest: look at FP accuracy
Optimisation opportunities
Improved isel for memcheck artefacts on x86 (generate neg ; sbbl)
Assess tt_fast miss rates
improve stack-update pass
proper profiling machinery
do not CSE exprs :: Ity_Bit
x86 iselIntExpr_RMI: actually generate the M case if possible
JIT speedups
Ensure incremental flatness throughout
Profile again with cachegrind/calltree
change IRTemp to 16 bits?
Get rid of sloppy-malloc
Get rid of partial-loads-ok
Optimisation after first instrumentation rather than 2nd ?
disallow dirty helpers from writing SP/IP
write API doc, clarify IR semantics
make IR utils module
generic stack pointer identification at startup?
New memstack_k: old or new sp?