Implement all remaining FP multiple style instructions:
  FMULX d_d_d, s_s_s 
  FMLA d_d_d[], s_s_s[] 
  FMLS d_d_d[], s_s_s[] 
  FMUL  d_d_d[], s_s_s[] 
  FMULX d_d_d[], s_s_s[] 
  FMULX 2d_2d_2d, 4s_4s_4s, 2s_2s_2s 
  FMULX 2d_2d_d[], 4s_4s_s[], 2s_2s_s[] 
The FMULX variants are currently handed the same as FMUL.  This is a
kludge that will have to be fixed at some point.

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