The attached patch cleanups the clo processing
of clo which are (or should be) 'enum set'.

* pub_tool_options.h : add new macrox VG_USET_CLO and VG_USETX_CLO to
  parse an 'enum set' command line option (with or without "all" keyword).

* use VG_USET_CLO for existing enum set clo options:
   memcheck --errors-for-leak-kinds, --show-leak-kinds, --leak-check-heuristics
   coregrind --vgdb-stop-at

* change --sim-hints and --kernel-variants to enum set
  (this allows to detect user typos: currently, a typo in a sim-hint
   or kernel variant is silently ignored. Now, an error will be given
   to the user)

* The 2 new sets (--sim-hints and --kernel-variants) should not make
  use of the 'all' keyword => VG_(parse_enum_set) has a new argument
  to enable/disable the use of the "all" keyword.

* The macros defining an 'all enum' set definition was duplicating
  all enum values (so addition of a new enum value could easily
  give a bug). Removing these macros as they are unused
  (to the exception of the leak-kind set).
  For this set, the 'all macro' has been replaced by an 'all function',
  coded using parse_enum_set parsing the "all" keyword.

git-svn-id: svn:// a5019735-40e9-0310-863c-91ae7b9d1cf9
16 files changed