Pass in a mask of segment kinds to VG_(get_segment_starts)
and VG_(am_get_segment_starts) to indicate which segments
should be collected. That should solve the following problem:
in m_main.c we used to:

      seg_starts = VG_(get_segment_starts)( &n_seg_starts );

      for (i = 0; i < n_seg_starts; i++) {
         Word j, n;
         NSegment const* seg 
            = VG_(am_find_nsegment)( seg_starts[i] );
         if (seg->kind == SkFileC || seg->kind == SkAnonC) {

         // ... dynamic memory allocation for valgrind

This caused the vassert(seg) to fire because the dynamic memory
allocation further down the loop changed segments such that a 
valgrind segment which used to be non-SkFree suddenly became 
SkFree and hence VG_(am_find_nsegment) returned NULL. Whoom.

With this revision we only collect the segments we're really
interested in. For the example above that is all client segments.
So if V allocates memory -- fine. That will not change the layout
of client segments.

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