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Bugs reported after Thu Sep 19 10:34:49 CEST 2013
For bugs reported before this time, see 3_8_BUGSTATUS.txt
=== VEX/amd64 ==========================================================
276252 callgrind / valgrind + intel ipp h264 decoder gets killed in
intel optimised ipp libraries
325328 __float128 loses precision under memcheck
== 197915
327285 amd64->IR: 0x8F 0xEA 0xF8 0x10 0xCE 0x3 0x1D 0x0
== 323431 (probably amd specific, vpcmov)
328357 amd64->IR: 0x8F 0xEA 0xF8 0x10 0xEF 0x3 0x5 0x0 (amd XOP pfx)
329245 amd64->IR: 0x48 0xF 0x5A 0x7 (rex.W cvtps2pd (%rdi),%xmm0)
330590 Missing support for multiple VEX CMP instruction Opcodes (Causes SIGILL)
330808 Crash with Intel IPP samples (MMX related assertion)
335785 vex amd64->IR: 0xC4 0xE2 0x75 0x2F 0xAC 0x18 0x40 0x7 (vmovupd)
338393 vex amd64->IR: 0x6E 0xD8 0x48 0x89 0xE5 0x41 0x55 0xC4
338559 vex amd64->IR: 0x66 0x41 0xF 0x3A 0x61 0x4 0x0 0x18 (pcmpestri 0x18)
338602 AVX2 bit in CPUID missing
=== VEX/arm ============================================================
329963 Half precision floating point conversion on ARM is not supported
330349 Endless loop happen when using lackey with --trace-mem=yes on ARM
331178 disInstr(arm): unhandled instruction: 0xEE190F1D (read PMCCNTR)
== 328423
335618 arm(thumb): unhanded instruction: mov.w rN, pc/sp
=== VEX/arm64 ==========================================================
335440 arm64: ld1 (single structure) is not implemented
335713 arm64: unhanded instruction: prfm (immediate) (PREFETCH)
=== VEX/x86 ============================================================
333625 Program under valgrind calculates complex exp() wrongly
335563 wine's kernel32/thread test fails under valgrind (x87 FPU limitations)
=== VEX/mips ===========================================================
=== VEX/ppc ============================================================
338095 Not able to run Valgrind on Power Architecture PPC Linux.
=== VEX general ========================================================
330887 doRegisterAllocation performance improvements
=== Syscalls/ioctls ====================================================
197259 (wine) Unsupported arch_prtctl option
331311 Valgrind shows open files in /proc/self/fd that don't
work for the process
Probable wontfix
333434 In some weird corner case Valgrind cannot execute
executable files symlinked by /proc/self/fd (related to 331311?)
333051 handling hugepages (is largely broken)
337388 fcntl works on Valgrind's own file descriptors
337716 False positive for openat system call with absolute paths
338877 sys_capget and sys_catset not correctly handled
=== Debuginfo reader ===================================================
306340 parse_var_DIE confused by DWARF from clang-3.1
327427 ifunc wrapper crashes when symbols are discarded because of false mmap
328468 unwind x86/amd64 gcc <= 4.4 compiled code does not unwind properly
at "ret" instruction
328559 Some back trace generation (from mmap function) problem on ARM
330321 Serious error when reading debug info:
DW_AT_signature 9b d0 55 13 bb 1e e9 37
333175 dwarf3 reader problems with Fortran (against 3.8.1)
335907 segfault when running wine's ddrawex/tests/surface.c under
valgrind (stack unwind, QUERIED)
338803 Handling of dwz debug alt files or cross-CU is broken
=== Tools/Memcheck =====================================================
329619 leak-check gets assertion failure when nesting
VALGRIND_MALLOCLIKE_BLOCK (has patch, needs looking at)
330617 ppc false positive conditional jump depends on uninitialised value
(probably fixable)
331833 the memory initialized by semget(key, 0, GETALL, semun)
is treated as uninitialized on some platforms
331550 Detect the potential of mis-malloc/free in different libraries
333775 Have valgrind (memcheck) only check memory alloc/free traces (wishlist)
336393 Implement new user request to get redzone size (wishlist)
337794 memcheck: stack overflow segv message should show callstack (wishlist)
=== Tools/DRD ==========================================================
=== Tools/Helgrind =====================================================
325333 VALGRIND_HG_DISABLE_CHECKING does not seem to work locally
probably invalid
327548 Helgrind: false positive while destroying mutex
327881 Helgrind: False Positive Warning on std::atomic_bool
337735 Helgrind does not know pthread_once is a memory barrier
=== Tools/SGCheck ======================================================
332577 exp-sgcheck: sg_main.c:560 (add_blocks_to_StackTree):
Assertion '!already_present' failed.
332591 False positive: invalid read in vfprintf (KNOWN BUG)
335353 expected output of exp-sgcheck/tests/hackedbz2 mismatch with gcc 4.8.1
=== Tools/Massif =======================================================
=== Tools/Cachegrind ===================================================
338141 Cachegrind's Cycle Estimation is very different from the
free run
=== other/mips =========================================================
328441 valgrind_3.9.0 failed to compile in mips32
Error: illegal operands `cfc1 $t0,$31'
331126 Compiling with mipsbe toolchain
334649 Cavium Octeon 2 MIPS64: valgrind is up but assert
"rtld.c: 1257: dl_main: Assertion
'_rtld_local._dl_rtld_map.l_relocated' failed" and exits
336768 vex mips->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0x3B 0xE8 0x3 0xEC
(possibly invalid)
=== other/arm ==========================================================
327583 libpixman error on ARM system (memcheck false +)
331033 valgrind crashes on arm-linux while running an executable (ARM TLS?)
=== other/s390 =========================================================
=== other/MacOS ========================================================
326797 Assertion 'sizeof(UWord) == sizeof(UInt)' failed.
327745 valgrind 3.9.0 build fails on Mac OS X 10.6.8
=== GDB server =========================================================
328081 embedded gdbserver and non-stop mode (wishlist)
338633 gdbserver_tests/nlcontrolc.vgtest hangs on arm64
=== Output =============================================================
328563 make track-fds support xml output (wishlist)
=== MPI ================================================================
330147 libmpiwrap: byte count from PMPI_Get_count should be made defined
=== Documentation ======================================================
332060 Please document how best to use massif with libgc
332917 Valgrind should warn the user that SSE4 is not supported
in the 32-bit mode
=== Uncategorised ======================================================
326487 child of debugged process exits without becoming zombie
327665 out of memory error
328721 MSVC 2008 compiler warns about while(0) in warning level 4
330293 Please add a AppData application description (Valkyrie)
333628 Out of tree build (has incomplete patch)
== 256174
334110 Why install internal headers/libraries/.pc file?
334802 valgrind does not always explain why a given option is bad
335143 Capabilities not supported
337869 Eliminate fixed size buffers (in progress)
Hercules, Augean stables, etc
338252 CFLAGS="-flto" and VEX/pub/libvex_guest_offsets.h (wishlist)
338606 Strange error message for invalid interpreter
338365 New client request to fetch valgrind version (probably invalid)
338731 ppc testsuite does not build in case compiler doesnot support -maltivec
338781 Unable to read debug information (3.10.0 BETA1) (OSX)
338896 Valgrind refuses to run SUID programs
Mon Sep 8 13:20:50 CEST 2014