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Bugs reported after the release of 3.8.0
This file lists bugs that were reported after 3.8.0 was released, both
in 3.8.0 and trunk, and that have not been closed. Bugs that have
been closed as "fixed" are listed in the top level NEWS file instead.
In other words they get listed here first and moved to NEWS if they
get fixed.
This file also tracks commits & fixes that should be pushed to the 3.8
(B38=2500) 2469 Fix a mixup ..
(B38=12930) 12873 n-i-bz: Use -s USR1 instead of -10 to send SIGUSR1 signal
(B38=12931) 12874 n-i-bz: shmat of a segment > 4Gb does not work
(B38=12933) 12878 n-i-bz: On Darwin, use __NR_poll_nocancel rather than __NR_poll
(B38=12934) 12879 + 12882 + 12883 (301281, OSX hang on "system")
(B38=12936) 12881 ptrace mips stuff
(B38=12938) 12885 (Iop_DPBtoBCD and Iop_BCDtoDPB fix)
(B38=2502) 2475 (289584: Handle a reg-reg encoding of MOVAPS)
(B38=2503) 2476 (305042: Implement 0F 7F encoding of movq reg-reg)
(B38=12940) 12887 (n-i-bz: libmpiwrap.c fixes)
(B38=2504) 2477 (305321: Re-enable 'prefetch m8' and 'prefetchw m8')
(B38=2505) 2478 (295808: Fix LZCNT and TZCNT properly)
(B38=2506) 2479 (305199: Implement QDADD and QDSUB)
(B38=2507) 2480 (304867: Implement MOVBE in 32 bit mode)
(B38=12941) 12891 (304980: Fix up range checking in ML_(addLineInfo))
(B38=12942) 12892 (305513: Fix skipping of block forms)
(B38=12943) 12893 (298281: Implement a wrapper for wcslen on Linux)
(B38=12944) 12894 (n-i-bz, exp-sgcheck memcpy)
(B38=12945) 12897/8 (305690: Handle non-zero sem_*wait() return values correctly)
(B38=2508) 2499 (305926: Invalid alignment checks for some AVX instructions)
(B38=12946) 12923 (304980: Guard against negative symbol sizes)
(B38=12948) 12947 (n-i-bz: volatile in stack check, re clang)
(B38=12984) 12964 (306310 3.8.0 release tarball missing some files)
(B38=2534) 2517/8 (n-i-bz: fix a couple of union tag-vs-field mixups)
(B38=2535) 2531 (306297: ARM: STM<c>.W <Rn>{!}, <registers> too strict)
(B38=2536) 2532 (306664: AMD64: Fix PCMPxSTRx variant $0x46)
(B38=12985) 12982 (306612: Intercept __GI_memmove)
(304035: ARM: uqsub16 shadd16 uhsub8 uhsub16)
-------- Bugs brought forward from 3_7_BUGSTATUS.txt --------
291310 FXSAVE instruction marks memory as undefined on amd64
x86 vs amd64 inconsistency?
**is fixed in 3.8.0, but was not marked as such
** no it's not; v38BRANCH shows error, vTRUNK doesn't -- investigate
-------- Unfixed in 3.8.0
303741 sockaddr* parameter of recvfrom not handled correctly
(corruption not detected later on)
303877 valgrind doesn't support compressed debuginfo sections.
304259 support Darwin 12 (Mac OS 10.8, Mountain Lion)
OSX108 (Canonical)
304321 m_signals.c:2314 (sync_signalhandler_from_kernel):
Assertion 'tid != 0' failed
304450 time logging tools ?
304675 make install-strip fails when cross-compiling
w/ one-liner patch; but needs checking (should be more general?
assumes auto* version?)
304676 regtest hangs on mac OS X (mchelp, coolo_sigaction, system)
probably related to 301281 et al. Still valid.
305170 linux: add FIOCLEX and FIONCLEX ioctls
SYSCALL. w/ patch, looks pretty harmless
n-i-bz exp-sgcheck asserts on gcc-4.6.2 generated Dwarf3
305957 m_debuginfo/d3basics.c:965 (vgModuleLocal_evaluate_GX):
Assertion 'aMin == (Addr)0' failed.
QUERIED -- no info so far -- close?
306004 Wishlist: port valgrind to sparc
-- Sat 1 Sept 2012 10pm
306171 Boost.Context appears to cause Valgrind to crash
Stack switching; should fix. (Conservative unwind?)
306235 unhandled syscall: 429 (freebsd)
Need to forward to FreeBSD port maintainers.
306299 Internal error when running a winelib application
Conservative unwind?
306340 parse_var_DIE confused by DWARF from clang-3.1
Might be quite simple to fix; need to investigate.
No action so far
306535 massif: force dump result every X minutes
306587 data cache line size is 128 and instruction cache line size is 32
PPC; obscure, needs investigatoin
306590 not support e500v2 spe 0x216 command
PPC SPE insns; with plausible looking patch? Need test cases, and
cc Mehafy.
286864 strlen function redirection error
Gentoo glibc "miscompilation"; is this important?
-- Mon 17 Sept 2012, 10 am
valgrind.spec diff at
r13008 to 382 ? check
change of leak-check-counting? 307465
gkw extra suppression?
gcp debuginfo read hang
306947 s390x: BFP rounding mode improvements
Proposal, no action
306949 s390x: BFP condition code improvements
Proposal, no action
211352 helgrind races in helgrind's own mythread_wrapper
307367 amd64->IR: 0xF2 0x48 0xF 0x5F 0x3E 0xF2 0x48 0xF
redundant-REX, should be easy to fix
307399 amd64->IR: 0xC4 0x62 0x55 0x2E 0x18 0x44 0x39 0x87
(vmaskmovps %ymm11,%ymm5,(%rax))
CONDITIONAL STORES -- probably fixed?
307415 3.8.1 build error - OSX Lion 10.7.4 duplicate symbol
OSX or XCode 4.5
307500 Valgrind docs have two <title> tags
QUERIED (unclear how to fix)
Severity: low
308027 Warning: negative range in .debug_loc section
QUERIED -- not sure this needs fixing or not
79362 Debug info is lost for .so files when they are dlclose'd
Still alive!
308158 running with --leack-check=full makes valgrind exit
FreeBSD -- although FreeBSD maintainers may not be aware
------ Thu Oct 11 18:51:26 CEST 2012
197915 80-bit floats are not supported on x86 and x86-64
indeed, yes.
299316 Helgrind: hg_main.c:628 (map_threads_lookup): Assertion 'thr'
OSX Helgrind
308582 massif: wrong stack usage at exit of threaded program
No action so far
308668 pthread rwlock_rdlock doesn't understand modifications in
some cases (Helgrind)
Real; no action so far
308729 vex x86->IR: unhandled instruction bytes 0xf 0x5
243232 *Inconsistent Lock Orderings report with trylock (PBOS?)
Almost certainly real (+ probably a dup). No action so far.
237920 valgrind segfault on fork failure
Uninvestigated; filed by JJ
308816 valgrind GPF in signal handler context 3.8.1 (allignment
Needs investigation
Maybe fixed?
309100 s390x: Testcases for extended BFP
No action so far
309430 Self hosting ppc64 encounters a vassert error on operand type
No action so far. Sounds a bit strange.
309554 Unhandled syscall remap_file_pages (216)
No action so far
Possibly difficult to implement
309721 add client request returning current value of a statistic (e.g. Ir)
Wishlist. No action yet.
309783 Valgrind does not support separate source and build directories
Has patch, but needs further checking
Does not appear to be much enthusiasm for this
309827 *add support for nvidia (nvmem) ioctls
A bunch of Android hackery from VladV; needs pulling apart
FIX 3.9 (commit)
309831 3.8.1: disInstr(arm): unhandled instruction: 0xECECA102
(stcl, gdb disassembles to stfp) .. IWMMXT
310188 need better diagnostic when mmap() fails with EINVAL
No patch so far
Severity: low
310692 [coregrind] Thread scheduling regression?
Severity: med Audience: low
311093 massif and memcheck fail to redirect malloc calls on
statically linked application
Probably INVALID
-- Wed Dec 5 23:41:20 CET 2012
311544 sys_fork() calls VG_(do_atfork_pre)() AFTER forking()
FIX 3.9 (easy)
311649 exhausting fds can leak created files
Probably true; NEEDINFO; possible WONTFIX; QUERIED
311655 --log-file=FILE leads to apparent fd leak ("Open file
descriptor 3: $LOGFILE")
Probably true; should fix.
Severity: med Audience: low
311827 OS X 10.8.2 (eq_SyscallStatus): the 'impossible' happened.
OSX10.8 Maybe fixed in the trunk already. QUERIED
312989 ioctl handling needs to do POST handling on generic ioctls and
needs to handle BPF ioctls
OSX10.8 FIX 3.9 (commit)
313275 False positives for shared memory semaphores/mutexes/conditions
No action so far. Has testcase patches.
Potentially important to fix, but does not look easy.
313276 helgrind does not recognize shared memory initialized
semaphores, mutexes, conditions
== 313275, pretty much
Severity: med Audience: low
313875 cr_libinit.c:183 cri_init: sigaction() failed: Invalid argument
No action so far
Severity: high Audience: low
** [Bug 291310] FXSAVE instruction marks memory as undefined on amd64
Severity: med Audience: low
314236 OS X 10.8 testsuite build failure: test million.o
OSX108 No action so far.
Severity: low Audience: med
314365 enable VEX to run asm helpers that do callee register saving
In progress; not sure whether this is a good idea
-- Thu Feb 28 09:54:56 CET 2013
315936 UNKNOWN task message [id 3403, to mach_task_self(), reply
0x2603] when running fork()ing tests on Mac OS X
315952 tun/tap ioctls are not supported
QUERIED; leaving open for now
Severity: med Audience: low
316034 Building valgrind with gcc (4.7, trunk) fails on MacOS X 10.8
Probably WONTFIX.
-- Mon Mar 4 11:36:17 CET 2013
294285 --partial-loads-ok does not work for 16-byte SSE loads
FIXED (multiple commits)
Requires regtest hookup on ppc
316382 Support for AMDs FMA4 instructions seem to be missing
No action so far
Severity: high Audience: low
316528 Dump for cachegrind
316612 A -Wunused-value warning from Clang when including memcheck.h
Probably needs doc update
Severity: low Audience: med
316696 fluidanimate program of parsec 2.1 stuck (do not finish
for more than 5 hours)
No action so far (DRD specific)
Severity: high Audience: low
316874 amd64->IR: 0xC4 0xE2 0xF8 0xF2 0x85 0x30 0xFF 0xFF
Probably some AMD FMA insn?
Severity: high Audience: low
316903 memcheck/tests/origin5-bz2 FAIL with gcc-4.5+
Possibly a real bug
Severity: med Audience: med
317078 _mm_madd_epi16, undefined * 0 should not give uninitialised result
True, but probably difficult to fix without perf hit
Prio: low
317127 Fedora18/x86_64 --sanity-level=3 : aspacem segment mismatch
Diagnosed (BTRFS specific); unclear what to do, if anything
317208 vex x86->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0xC8 0x0 0x0 0x0
"enter $0,$0" created by D language compiler
Severity: high Audience: low
317381 helgrind warns about xchg vs suppressed store
No action so far. Not sure there's an easy fix for this.
Severity: med Audience: low
317390 Patch for FBLD/FBSTP/FTST
Needs cleanup+test cases. Queried.
Severity: high Audience: low
317441 Add support for AMD's LWP (LightWeight Profiling) architecture
Contains plausible infrastructure patch; no insns so far tho
This is going to need some working through. Probably OK.
Not sure if can make 3.9.
Severity: high Audience: low
317698 parse_var_DIE: confused by: DW_TAG_compile_unit using
Intel 13.0 update 3 compiler
Reporter has queried Intel since this might be an ICC bug
Severity: med Audience: low
317893 massif terminates without any message
Probably just a memory limit thing. Close as a dup, but of what?
318030 addHRegUse takes a lot of CPU time; band-aid speedup
patch within
No action so far
Needs review; would be nice to redo this with a more robust API
Thu Apr 11 18:16:04 CEST 2013
319237 [PATCH] Added support for ELF injection
319274 unhandled syscall: unix:410
319306 gdbserver tests call vgdb without path; patch within
Needs further discussion?
319307 Patches to let test suite run in parallel
Looks plausible
Wishlist, effectively (has patch)
319393 bad rounding in cvtsi2ss instruction
Not started. Looks valid. (double rounding)
Severity: med Audience: low
319419 unhandled syscall: unix:369
319547 helgrind gives false positives on rwlocks
Needs investigation. Quite possibly a real bug.
Severity: med Audience: med
319896 vex amd64->IR: 0x8C 0xE0
Probably requires proper segment support, but need to check.
Severity: high Audience: low
320082 disInstr(thumb): unhandled instruction on instruction LDRB
Has patch
LDRB; surely already supported? Queried.
MMhmh, untestable?
Severity: high Audience: low
320100 Add nanosecond timer support
A bigger patch depends on it, but that has not appeared yet
Wishlist, + as yet incomplete
320546 valgrind exits with "Assertion 'in_rx' failed"
for /system/lib/ on Android 4.0.4
Need more info (the .so); queried.
MAYBE FIX 3.9 (potentially serious)
320965 Unrecognised instruction __ieee754_pow_sse2
Not sure what this is. Queried.
Severity: high Audience: low (??)
321396 Add Support for Freescale e500v2 SPE Architecture.
Is metabug? -- no patch, no details
321400 Add Support for Freescale e5500 Architecture.
No patch, no details
321401 Add Support for Freescale e6500 Architecture.
No patch, no details
321681 printf false positive
Severity: med Audience: low
321836 valgrind cross compilation failure on Ubuntu machine
MIPS specific?
Tue Jul 2 12:15:07 CEST 2013
321888 *Unhandled instruction: LDRH (Thumb)
Has patch; plausible (needs checking)
FIX 3.9 (commit)
321892 *Unhandled instruction: LDRSH (Thumb)
Has patch; plausible (needs checking)
FIX 3.9 (commit)
321902 *disInstr(ARM): 0xECECA102
321903 == 321902
MAYBE 3.9 (query vgolubev)
322150 Add Support for Cavium Octeon Instructions
MIPS64; has patch; assigned to Petar
MAYBE 3.9 (query Petar)
322256 Provide more callstacks on memory pool related errors
Contains plausible patch; needs looking at
Severity: low Audience: low
322258 No thread notification is printed if new thread reused tid of
old thread that triggered last error
Contains plausible patch. Is bug fix. (should take)
FIX 3.9 (commit)
322586 Unknown instruction (bextr) in with --march=native on AMD FX-8350
AMD specific. Uninvestigated.
Severity: high Audience: low (??)
322593 Power 8 code to implement Transactional support
Implements pass-to-host scheme; not intended to land.
Severity: low (right now) Audience: low
322621 False positives with pthread_barrier_wait / helgrind
Severity: med Audience: low
323020 more mysteries in valgrind thread stack handling
Severity: med Audience: low
323046 Implement ANNOTATE_THREAD_NAME() Hellgrind annotation
Request for implementation
QUERIED .. is 322254 good enough?
Severity: low Audience: med
323178 *Unhandled instruction: PLDW register (ARM)
Has patch; plausible (needs checking)
FIX 3.9 (commit)
323179 *Unhandled instruction: PLDW immediate (ARM)
Has patch; plausible (needs checking)
FIX 3.9 (commit)
323268 New calls for custom memory allocators
Obscure; needs investigation
Severity: low Audience: low
323431 vex amd64->IR: 0x8F 0xE8 0x78 0xA2 0xC1 0x40 0xC5 0xFB
Severity: high Audience: low (??)
FIX 3.9 if can do it at no risk and no CPUID hassle
-- ask mjw
323448 Check for memory overlap in sprintf()-like functions
Severity: low Wishlist
323464 VALGRIND_MEMPOOL_ALLOC problems with size >= 2^32
64-bit uncleanness; no action so far; QUERIED
Severity: med Audience: low
323777 *Documentation does not warn of sgcheck+darwin incompatibility
FIX 3.9
324050 Helgrind: SEGV because of unaligned stack when using movdqa
Needs to be looked at. Is this real, or some Gentoo-caused
Severity: high (hg crash) Audience: low
324078 Track and show in logs which thread allocated memory
Probably sync-event-loss in Helgrind
Severity: high (hg correctness bug?) Audience: low
324081 3.8.1 Valgrind periodically hangs in long-running application
NEEDINFO (requested)
324261 errorcount in xml output remains empty (no error pairs mentioned)
Hmm, looks like a real bug.
Severity: med Audience: low
324486 WARNING: unhandled syscall: 310
== 166355
Hmm, tricky, sys_unshare.
Severity: high Audience: low
324525 valgrind can not detect any leak
PROBABLE INVALID; needs closing.
Severity: med Audience: low
324809 show nightly regression tests results (and later performance) in a
nice html page on
In progress
Severity: low Audience: low
324882 CPUID should depend on VEX capabilities, not on underlying CPU
Middle-term cleanup; not urgent
Thu Sep 19 10:34:49 CEST 2013