Remove those bugs that are already reported in NEWS as being
fixed and have a FIXED status in Bugzilla.

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diff --git a/docs/internals/3_9_BUGSTATUS.txt b/docs/internals/3_9_BUGSTATUS.txt
index e960e5b..593744f 100644
--- a/docs/internals/3_9_BUGSTATUS.txt
+++ b/docs/internals/3_9_BUGSTATUS.txt
@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
 For bugs reported before this time, see 3_8_BUGSTATUS.txt
-324894  Phase 3 support for IBM Power ISA 2.07
 325110  Add test-cases for Power ISA 2.06 insns: divdo/divdo. and divduo/divduo.
 325124  [MIPSEL] Compilation error
 325222  eight bad if statements ?
@@ -13,17 +12,13 @@
 325477  Phase 4 support for IBM Power ISA 2.07
 325538  cavim octeon mips64 ´╝îvalgrind reported "dumping core" and "Assertion 'sizeof(*regs) == sizeof(prs->pr_reg)' failed.
 325628  Phase 5 support for IBM Power ISA 2.07
-325714  Empty vgcore but RLIMIT_CORE is big enough (too big)
 325751  Missing the  two privileged Power PC Transactional Memory Instructions
 325816  Phase 6 support for IBM Power ISA 2.07
 325856  sgcheck generates internal Valgrind error on IBM Power
 325874  Crash KCachegrind while load big file
 326026  Iop names for count leading zeros/sign bits incorrectly imply a "signedness" in incoming lanes
-326091  False positive in libstdc++ std::string::_S_construct (gcc 4.7.2)
-326113  valgrind libvex hwcaps error on AMD64
 326436  False positive in libstdc++ std::list::push_back
 326444  Cavium MIPS Octeon Specific Load Indexed Instructions
-326462  Refactor vgdb module to isolate ptrace stuff into separate module
 326469  unhandled instruction bytes: 0x66 0xF 0x3A 0x63 0xC1 0xE 0x89 0xC8
 326487  child of debugged process exits without becoming zombie
 326623  A false positive conflict report in a field assignment in a constructor
@@ -34,13 +29,10 @@
 326839  Don't see a writing into a none allocated memory
 326921  coregrind fails to compile m_trampoline.S with MIPS/Linux port of Valgrind
 326955  64 bit false positive  move depends on uninitialised value wcscpy
-326983  insn_basic test might crash because of setting and not clearing DF flag
 327138  valgrind.h __VALGRIND_MINOR__  says 8, in 3.9.0 tarball
 327151  valgrind appears to stop compiling when it enters the drd directory
 327155  Valgrind compilation hang on MIPS
 327223  Support for Cavium MIPS Octeon Atomic and Count Instructions
-327238  assertion failure in Callgrind: bbcc.c:585 (vgCallgrind_setup_bbcc): Assertion 'passed <= last_bb->cjmp_count' failed
-327284  s390x VEX miscompilation of -march=z10 binary
 327285  vex amd64->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0x8F 0xEA 0xF8 0x10 0xCE 0x3 0x1D 0x0
 327427  ifunc wrapper crashes when symbols are discarded because of false mmap overlaps
 327548  false positive while destroying mutex
@@ -48,36 +40,29 @@
 327639  vex amd64->IR pcmpestri SSE4.2 instruction is unsupported 0x34
 327665  out of memory error
 327745  valgrind 3.9.0 build fails on Mac OS X 10.6.8
-327837  dwz compressed alternate .debug_info and debug_str not read correctly.
 327859  Support for android devices
 327881  False Positive Warning on std::atomic_bool
-327916  DW_TAG_typedef may have no name
 327943  s390x missing index/strchr suppression for (bad backtrace?)
 327945  valgrind_3.9.0 failed to compile in ppc 32
 328011  3.9.0 segfaults running any program, on any valgrind tool
 328081  embedded gdbserver and non-stop mode
 328089  unhandled instruction bytes: 0xF0 0xF 0xC0 0x10
-328100  XABORT not implemented
 328147  vex mips->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0x0 0x0 0x0 0xE
-328205  Implement additional Xen hypercalls
 328357  vex amd64->IR: unhandled instruction bytes: 0x8F 0xEA 0xF8 0x10 0xEF 0x3 0x5 0x0
 328423  Unrecognised instructions: _fips_armv7_tick and _armv7_tick
 328441  valgrind_3.9.0 failed to compile in mips32 “Error: illegal operands `cfc1 $t0,$31'”
 328454  add support Backtraces with ARM unwind tables (EXIDX)
-328455  s390x: valgrind is gettting SIGILL after emitting wrong register pair for ldxbr
 328468  unwind x86/amd64 gcc <= 4.4 compiled code does not unwind properly at "ret" instruction
 328490  drd reports false positive for concurrent __atomic_base access
 328549  Valgrind crashes on Android 4.4 / x86 on most programs
 328559  Some back trace generation (from mmap function) problem on ARM
 328563  make track-fds support xml output
-328711  valgrind.1 manpage "memcheck options" section is badly generated
 328721  MSVC 2008 compiler warns about while(0) in warning level 4
 328730  Unimplemented system call #531 in FreeBSD: SYS_posix_fadvise
 328747  Valgrind memcheck exits with SIGTRAP on PPC
 328878  vex amd64->IR pcmpestri SSE4.2 instruction is unsupported 0x14
 329104  kcachegrind crashs when on loading some of my cachegrind traces (SIGFPE).
 329245  unhandled instruction bytes: 0x48 0xF 0x5A 0x7 0x48 0xF 0x5A 0x4F
-329612  Incorrect handling of AT_BASE for image execution
 329619  leak-check gets assertion failure when nesting VALGRIND_MALLOCLIKE_BLOCK
 329694  clang warns about using uninitialized variable
 329726  Mozilla
@@ -94,8 +79,6 @@
 330319  unhandled instruction bytes: 0xF 0x1 0xD5 0x31 0xC0 0xC3 0x48 0x8D
 330321  Serious error when reading debug info - DW_AT_signature 9b d0 55 13 bb 1e e9 37
 330349  Endless loop happen when using lackey with --trace-mem=yes on ARM
-330459  --track-fds=yes doesn't track eventfds
-330469  Add clock_adjtime syscall support
 330590  Missing support for multiple VEX CMP instruction Opcodes (Causes SIGILL)
 330594  Missing sysalls on PowerPC / uClibc
 330617  ppc false positive conditional jump depends on uninitialised value