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#! /bin/sh
# Script updates the copyright year in every file in Valgrind that contains
# a copyright notice. Assumes they're all in the same format:
# "Copyright (C) 20xy-2012"
# where x can be 0 or 1 and y can be anything.
# To use:
# - change the years in the 'perl' command below appropriately.
# - Run it from the base directory of a Valgrind workspace.
# - And check the results look ok by diff'ing against the repository.
# Note that it will spit out some warnings when it runs; ignore these.
# The find command deliberately skips .svn/ subdirs -- we don't want to
# change them.
for i in `find . -name '*.[chS]' -o -name '*.in' -type f -not -path '*.svn\/*'` ; do
echo $i
if [ -L $i ]; then continue; fi # skip symbolic links
perl -p -e 's/Copyright \(C\) 20([0-1])([0-9])-2013/Copyright (C) 20$1$2-2014/' < $i > tmp.$$
mv tmp.$$ $i
# Copyright IBM Corp. 2010-2011
perl -p -e 's/Copyright IBM Corp. 20([0-1])([0-9])-2013/Copyright IBM Corp. 20$1$2-2014/' < $i > tmp.$$
mv tmp.$$ $i