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#ifndef __VKI_XEN_X86_H
#define __VKI_XEN_X86_H
#if defined(__i386__)
#define ___DEFINE_VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE(name, type) \
typedef struct { type *p; } \
__vki_xen_guest_handle_ ## name; \
typedef struct { union { type *p; vki_xen_uint64_aligned_t q; }; } \
__vki_xen_guest_handle_64_ ## name
#define vki_xen_uint64_aligned_t vki_uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8)))
#define __VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(name) __vki_xen_guest_handle_64_ ## name
#define VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(name) __VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(name)
#define ___DEFINE_VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE(name, type) \
typedef struct { type *p; } __vki_xen_guest_handle_ ## name
#define vki_xen_uint64_aligned_t vki_uint64_t
#define __DEFINE_VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE(name, type) \
___DEFINE_VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE(const_##name, const type)
#define __VKI_XEN_GUEST_HANDLE(name) __vki_xen_guest_handle_ ## name
typedef unsigned long vki_xen_pfn_t;
typedef unsigned long vki_xen_ulong_t;
#if defined(__i386__)
struct vki_xen_cpu_user_regs {
vki_uint32_t ebx;
vki_uint32_t ecx;
vki_uint32_t edx;
vki_uint32_t esi;
vki_uint32_t edi;
vki_uint32_t ebp;
vki_uint32_t eax;
vki_uint16_t error_code; /* private */
vki_uint16_t entry_vector; /* private */
vki_uint32_t eip;
vki_uint16_t cs;
vki_uint8_t saved_upcall_mask;
vki_uint8_t _pad0;
vki_uint32_t eflags; /* eflags.IF == !saved_upcall_mask */
vki_uint32_t esp;
vki_uint16_t ss, _pad1;
vki_uint16_t es, _pad2;
vki_uint16_t ds, _pad3;
vki_uint16_t fs, _pad4;
vki_uint16_t gs, _pad5;
struct vki_xen_cpu_user_regs {
vki_uint64_t r15;
vki_uint64_t r14;
vki_uint64_t r13;
vki_uint64_t r12;
vki_uint64_t rbp;
vki_uint64_t rbx;
vki_uint64_t r11;
vki_uint64_t r10;
vki_uint64_t r9;
vki_uint64_t r8;
vki_uint64_t rax;
vki_uint64_t rcx;
vki_uint64_t rdx;
vki_uint64_t rsi;
vki_uint64_t rdi;
vki_uint32_t error_code; /* private */
vki_uint32_t entry_vector; /* private */
vki_uint64_t rip;
vki_uint16_t cs, _pad0[1];
vki_uint8_t saved_upcall_mask;
vki_uint8_t _pad1[3];
vki_uint64_t rflags; /* rflags.IF == !saved_upcall_mask */
vki_uint64_t rsp;
vki_uint16_t ss, _pad2[3];
vki_uint16_t es, _pad3[3];
vki_uint16_t ds, _pad4[3];
vki_uint16_t fs, _pad5[3]; /* Non-zero => takes precedence over fs_base. */
vki_uint16_t gs, _pad6[3]; /* Non-zero => takes precedence over gs_base_usr. */
struct vki_xen_trap_info {
vki_uint8_t vector; /* exception vector */
vki_uint8_t flags; /* 0-3: privilege level; 4: clear event enable? */
vki_uint16_t cs; /* code selector */
unsigned long address; /* code offset */
struct vki_xen_vcpu_guest_context {
/* FPU registers come first so they can be aligned for FXSAVE/FXRSTOR. */
struct { char x[512]; } fpu_ctxt; /* User-level FPU registers */
unsigned long flags; /* VGCF_* flags */
struct vki_xen_cpu_user_regs user_regs; /* User-level CPU registers */
struct vki_xen_trap_info trap_ctxt[256];/* Virtual IDT */
unsigned long ldt_base, ldt_ents; /* LDT (linear address, # ents) */
unsigned long gdt_frames[16], gdt_ents; /* GDT (machine frames, # ents) */
unsigned long kernel_ss, kernel_sp; /* Virtual TSS (only SS1/SP1) */
/* NB. User pagetable on x86/64 is placed in ctrlreg[1]. */
unsigned long ctrlreg[8]; /* CR0-CR7 (control registers) */
unsigned long debugreg[8]; /* DB0-DB7 (debug registers) */
#ifdef __i386__
unsigned long event_callback_cs; /* CS:EIP of event callback */
unsigned long event_callback_eip;
unsigned long failsafe_callback_cs; /* CS:EIP of failsafe callback */
unsigned long failsafe_callback_eip;
unsigned long event_callback_eip;
unsigned long failsafe_callback_eip;
unsigned long syscall_callback_eip;
unsigned long vm_assist; /* VMASST_TYPE_* bitmap */
#ifdef __x86_64__
/* Segment base addresses. */
vki_uint64_t fs_base;
vki_uint64_t gs_base_kernel;
vki_uint64_t gs_base_user;
typedef struct vki_xen_vcpu_guest_context vki_xen_vcpu_guest_context_t;
/* HVM_SAVE types and declarations for getcontext_partial */
# define VKI_DECLARE_HVM_SAVE_TYPE(_x, _code, _type) \
struct __VKI_HVM_SAVE_TYPE_##_x { _type t; char c[_code]; char cpt[1];}
#define VKI_HVM_SAVE_TYPE(_x) typeof (((struct __VKI_HVM_SAVE_TYPE_##_x *)(0))->t)
#define VKI_HVM_SAVE_LENGTH(_x) (sizeof (VKI_HVM_SAVE_TYPE(_x)))
#define VKI_HVM_SAVE_CODE(_x) (sizeof (((struct __VKI_HVM_SAVE_TYPE_##_x *)(0))->c))
struct vki_hvm_hw_cpu {
vki_uint8_t fpu_regs[512];
vki_uint64_t rax;
vki_uint64_t rbx;
vki_uint64_t rcx;
vki_uint64_t rdx;
vki_uint64_t rbp;
vki_uint64_t rsi;
vki_uint64_t rdi;
vki_uint64_t rsp;
vki_uint64_t r8;
vki_uint64_t r9;
vki_uint64_t r10;
vki_uint64_t r11;
vki_uint64_t r12;
vki_uint64_t r13;
vki_uint64_t r14;
vki_uint64_t r15;
vki_uint64_t rip;
vki_uint64_t rflags;
vki_uint64_t cr0;
vki_uint64_t cr2;
vki_uint64_t cr3;
vki_uint64_t cr4;
vki_uint64_t dr0;
vki_uint64_t dr1;
vki_uint64_t dr2;
vki_uint64_t dr3;
vki_uint64_t dr6;
vki_uint64_t dr7;
vki_uint32_t cs_sel;
vki_uint32_t ds_sel;
vki_uint32_t es_sel;
vki_uint32_t fs_sel;
vki_uint32_t gs_sel;
vki_uint32_t ss_sel;
vki_uint32_t tr_sel;
vki_uint32_t ldtr_sel;
vki_uint32_t cs_limit;
vki_uint32_t ds_limit;
vki_uint32_t es_limit;
vki_uint32_t fs_limit;
vki_uint32_t gs_limit;
vki_uint32_t ss_limit;
vki_uint32_t tr_limit;
vki_uint32_t ldtr_limit;
vki_uint32_t idtr_limit;
vki_uint32_t gdtr_limit;
vki_uint64_t cs_base;
vki_uint64_t ds_base;
vki_uint64_t es_base;
vki_uint64_t fs_base;
vki_uint64_t gs_base;
vki_uint64_t ss_base;
vki_uint64_t tr_base;
vki_uint64_t ldtr_base;
vki_uint64_t idtr_base;
vki_uint64_t gdtr_base;
vki_uint32_t cs_arbytes;
vki_uint32_t ds_arbytes;
vki_uint32_t es_arbytes;
vki_uint32_t fs_arbytes;
vki_uint32_t gs_arbytes;
vki_uint32_t ss_arbytes;
vki_uint32_t tr_arbytes;
vki_uint32_t ldtr_arbytes;
vki_uint64_t sysenter_cs;
vki_uint64_t sysenter_esp;
vki_uint64_t sysenter_eip;
/* msr for em64t */
vki_uint64_t shadow_gs;
/* msr content saved/restored. */
vki_uint64_t msr_flags;
vki_uint64_t msr_lstar;
vki_uint64_t msr_star;
vki_uint64_t msr_cstar;
vki_uint64_t msr_syscall_mask;
vki_uint64_t msr_efer;
vki_uint64_t msr_tsc_aux;
/* guest's idea of what rdtsc() would return */
vki_uint64_t tsc;
/* pending event, if any */
union {
vki_uint32_t pending_event;
struct {
vki_uint8_t pending_vector:8;
vki_uint8_t pending_type:3;
vki_uint8_t pending_error_valid:1;
vki_uint32_t pending_reserved:19;
vki_uint8_t pending_valid:1;
/* error code for pending event */
vki_uint32_t error_code;
VKI_DECLARE_HVM_SAVE_TYPE(CPU, 2, struct vki_hvm_hw_cpu);
#endif // __VKI_XEN_H
/*--- end ---*/